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  1. Not really a gem, but more of a "how did this get here" thing. Yesterday I found a Kenny Anderson Blazers replica at my local Goodwill
  2. During last night's WrestleMania, WWE revealed that WrestleMania 25 will eminate from Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. They also unveiled the preliminary WMXXV logo. Keep in mind that this is an early placeholder. However, I really hope they keep the sherrif's star.
  3. The way people were talking going into XXXVI, I'm surprised the hat doesn't say "Sacrifical Lamb."
  4. I'm reading Bevnet.com, a beverage website, and I see the feature product is a new energy drink called Halftime. As I looked at the logo, I couldn't help notice that I've seen the logo elsewhere before. It turns out, it looks alot like the logo of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen, one of the teams in the defunct XFL. See for yourself. Halftime to the left, Hitmen to the right. Say I'm Vince McMahon. I see the Halftime logo and notice the similarities. Would I have a case?
  5. I'm picking this up with my income tax return.
  6. Looks too much like a jumpsuit.
  7. This baby took me about five minutes to whip up, but I'll still show it off. I think it's nice.
  8. Does anybody know what font is used for the EPL kits. I've been searching around, and I just can't find it. Could someone help?
  9. I want to love the DuBois one, but...it's purple. Plus, I'm not wild about the number font. Seriously, DuBois is a badass town, and our team should reflect it. Plus we're the Powdered Metal Capital of the World, so the DuBois Metal is a pretty good name.
  10. How about that? Triple wicked with a side of awesome. That means it's good.
  11. Carolina's "hurricane warning flag on a hockey stick" and Edmonton's McFarlane designed "oil drop on gears" alt logos.