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  1. Thought you'd all get a kick out of the logo and promo I did for one of our ladies in our ffl. What does everyone think?
  2. There's not much to say of this one, but our long time running fantasy football league has taken a drastic turn in the last year....we now have 40% of our league owners who are of the female persuasion.....soooo I thought I'd stir up some friendly competition between us guys who are left and the girls...I used Poser 6 again and customized a couple files that I got from the poserpros website. The logos are primarily all custom except for the Dixie Blues which is a knock off th the true team colors and logo...Check it out:
  3. Now that you mention it, he does look like Hitman....definately wasn't done on's actually the default character in a 3d program called Poser. The jerseys and such were gathered from various 3d sites. The whole scene was then exported into another program called Carrara 5 Pro.
  4. Thanks for the props...actually I think your concept would probably look like this...
  5. Thought I would show off a little test I'm doing in 3d again...the jersey isn't the highest quality, trying to find a good pattern to use for the airnet cloth....let me know what you think....
  6. gheckler

    SRL Alltel #7

    If you display a top and back view I have a 3d image of the car model...I'll "skin" it for you...
  7. Dude! I loved it...hope you don't mind, but I made you a little something since you inspired me with the awesome design....
  8. Thanks. I'm using Carrara Pro and Poser 5 for the figures...I do most of the work in poser, export it and then map it carrara....
  9. Thanks for the comments.......sorry bout the single topics....I will add one that has all of my creations very soon...
  10. This is ideally what I would like all of my concepts to look like, but I've having issues with the texture mapping right now....but just think of what they all could look like soon!!!
  11. Here's the kid from the shore...again in 3d...
  12. A buddy of mine allowed me to post this....this is his fantasy team...the Cuyahoga River Rats...
  13. It's been a while from my last posting so sorry I'm going back to the well again - I know this was posted already, however I thought I would share a template that I've been working on. I'm very much into 3d apps and found a way to make what you see below. What does everyone think? The 3d view is a bit different but the overall scheme looks ok. All done on a Mac with Poser and Cararra 4 Pro and Photoshop.
  14. I've seen some guys around the area wearing some football and baseball jerseys where the jersey is split down the center and the home colors are on one side and the other half is the away colors. Anyone know of where to get these or if they are officially licensed?
  15. I made this image for my wife and her best friend (who I hate to admit) joined our "guys-only" fantasy football league this past year and wiped us completely out and won it all with a 13-3 record. (I attribute it to the logo, rather than skill) Let me know your thoughts on it since I know the colors will probably stick in your mind! Go pink!