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  1. what was with all the sand on the Redskins field last night ?
  2. it's almost crazy to think that the Cards went through such lengths to keep a grass field. I'm glad they did it, but in light of all the switches to artificle surface, it's just surprising they did it.
  3. Pat's new turf sure looked fluffier and more grass like than most other synthetics. I wonder if teams can custom order length of the blades in order to create a surface they find more favorable.
  4. there is an overhead picture in SPortls Illustrated this week (Ohio St cover; Cover Two article) of Jets vs Bears at Giants Stadium, and it looks like there is variation in the color of the synthetic turf, PLUS areas where brown is visible. Almost like they are trying to make it look even more like grass.
  5. well the Patriots made the change. shucks. and seeing the highlights from the Eagles/Titans on Sunday makes me wonder if Lincoln Financial is next. Say it ain't so.
  6. there is something psychologically comforting about a game on grass.
  7. This topic may fit better in another forum, but this one gets the most traffic so i just figured i'd put it here. I understand that money, as usual, is the main driver for so many schools and pro teams switching to artificle surface. And i know that the new synthetic fields are way better than old astro turf. But it bugs the heck out of me. There is something about watching a great football game, college especially, between 2 teams in sweet uniforms, on a nice grass field. (Actually, if doesn't even need to be so nice. I'll take a beat down field with brown spots over a fake field.) Like the USC-ND game last year. Perfect game. It would be less so if it was on synthetic grass. And its partly why the SEC is so great. Only 1 team (i think), with turf. The games always look good. And lets face it, as probably eveyone on this board knows, sports is mostly about the competition, but the asthetic aspects enhance the experiene. I almost get paranoid that soon enough everyone will be switching to the synthetic surfaces. On that note, i've just read that Ohio St and Colorado are both considering the change. Depresses me more than it reasonably should. On the NFL level, because they have the $, i seriously think the league should recognize that much of it's image is based on old school football on real grass, and they should subsidize teams to make sure they don't change to fake grass. They should even encourage existing teams with fake grass to switch. Any thoughts? Anyone have this same paranoia i have?
  8. white outline ?!? no way.. the removal of the outline has given Syracuse the BEST uniforms in all of college football. Perfect in every possible way.
  9. jersey is OK pants are terrible. overall....bad move.
  10. 1. Ravens 2. Eagles. Tone down that dark green for crying out loud. 3. Falcons 4. New Cardinals 5. Patriots
  11. like this? its a concept i did which is basically an updated version of their 1960 unis. imo this would be a good choice. as for other teams in the leauge, well if the bengals get rid of teh white pannels then tehy will be decent. pakers, bears, and raiders are off limits. the vikings just need to update teh viking head a little. the chargers need to go with the powder blue full time, and the cowboys need to standardize the blue and silver, and then use the modern double stars as the regular unis and use the original double stars as the alt. Sweet Bill's design. First post. Glad i found this site. Some general comments: -Cardinal changes have potential for disaster. The current Red jesey is one of the best things going. - Charger powder blues are definatly awesome. - grey facemasks are underated - black trim is overrated - Vikings white uni is great and shouldn't be changed. Except get that team to build an outdoor stadium with grass. - Giants should get rid of the blue # outline on the white jerseys. The current Blue uni is sweet. - Titans should ditch those angled helmet stripes. - colts shouldn't change anything. Who ever suggested so is burnt. - Worst unis currently: Bills, Pats, Eagles, Ravens, Falcons. - Niners should get rid of the black.