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  1. I think this would make for some fantastic stadium/advertisement art. Great job.
  2. Does anyone know more about these, and specifically, if they are sold anywhere? Are they just a Broncos thing? They look cool.
  3. Big thanks to WiB for putting on a great competition. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me. This has been a great learning experience.
  4. I don't know how good Duenas is but I think New Orleans did pretty well in this trade.
  5. Thanks for all the votes. Great job to Puckguy and GMac as well.
  6. Thanks for all the votes. ...and I was hoping someone would notice Vince on it.
  7. Midnight blue, Golden Gate orange, California yellow... and not just because I'm a Warriors fan-- I love those colours. As well, I really like brown and orange despite the fact that I hate the Browns.
  8. Wow, gold. I never expected that... especially with the competition in this event. Thanks to all who voted for me. It is much appreciated.
  9. Vancouver. But you know, it doesn't rain that much here.
  10. G: 6 S: 12 B: 7 Hard decision, they were all good. It's so cool to see my logo alongside with your guys' great work.
  11. I don't know how well a WWII-themed team would fly in Germany but the execution is fantastic, nonetheless. The wordmark is great, probably the best I've seen from you. I think the secondary would work better if it were of German insignia. I don't quite understand the tertiary mark as well. However, I do love the jerseys though I think red could be a bit more predominant on the home uniform.
  12. Sorry to bump this again, but I thought I'd post the uniforms. Credit to pcgd for the template.
  13. I think that matador and tertiary mark look great. My only suggestions would be to add more depth to the cape that the matador is holding... it looks kinda stiff. The hand in which he's holding it could use some tweaking as well. Also, at first glance the M on the secondary logo looks like an E. Other than that, spectacular work.