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  1. Make the orange double in size than the blue in helmet and numbers, probably a little more dark the aqua, and remove the tiny dolphin on the sleeves, probably stripes would look better there. The logo has grown on me, I like the helmet a lot, again, just make the orange double the size of the blue.
  2. From @J_Martin71 Jonathan Martin twitter:
  3. Dolphins, better font, less blue, more orange, less logo on shoulders, more stripes in shoulders.
  4. Just an idea, after checking in the Dolphins web page, I wonder if is not possible the new stripe in the helmet is something like this, wide aqua stripe with tiny blue and orange lines: http://prod.static.dolphins.clubs.nfl.com/assets/images/finatics/2013_MD_Schedule.pdf
  5. Not sure if this has been posted: http://www.neweracap.co.uk/netherlands/miami-dolphins-deptb86_pg1/