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  1. This looks like a terrible idea that has no chance of working, which means that the NHL (especially Gary Bettman) WILL make it happen! And, the jerseys match Versus' color scheme, so bonus points for that!
  2. This might be a very primitive logo, considering that the "Tampa Bay" is in the original Lightning font, and that the bolt looks like the old bolt. It's probably a prototype of some sort.
  3. The new jerseys look BPish, and the hats especially do. This looks like a bad video game mod or something.
  4. Looks like there's a new WGN logo, replacing the eyes....someone sent this over to me, and it looks like it's launching in a week or so.
  5. I really like it. My only complaint is that the top football seems a little bit too big, other than that, I like it.
  6. At the very end of the Closing Ceremonies, NBC unveiled their Vancouver 2010 logo. There was a montage of Beijing Games moments on the left half of the screen, with the credits on the right half. The last shot was Michael Phelps on the podium to the left, and the message "SEE YOU IN 18 MONTHS" with the Vancouver logo on the right.
  7. Scroll down for every new patch and jersey.
  8. Wait, did I do something wrong? Guys, should I take these down?
  9. Crossposted from another board, sorry if it's been posted elsewhere. Arizona -Modification to alternate jersey lettering -Modification to batting practice jersey lettering -Modification to uniform sleeve patch -Addition of commemorative sleeve patch Atlanta -Modification to BP cap Chicago White Sox -Elimination of alternate sleeveless home uniform Cincinnati -Modification to batting practice headwear mark (the two-color MLB logo on the back of official caps) Cleveland -Elimination of current alternate home uniform -Addition of alternate home uniform and cap -Removal of metallic silver in all Club logo, uniform lettering and marks Florida -Removal of commemorative patch Kansas City -Addition of alternate jersey (old school sky blues!) -Modification to batting practice cap trim -Modification to coloration of uniform sleeve patch Los Angeles Dodgers -Addition of commemorative sleeve patch Milwaukee -Removal of commemorative sleeve patch Minnesota -Modification to batting practice cap trim -Removal of commemorative sleeve patch New York Mets -Addition of commemorative sleeve patch New York Yankees -Addition of commemorative left sleeve patch -Addition of All-Star Game right sleeve patch at commencement of All-Star balloting through All-Star Game Oakland -Modification to alternate home jersey lettering -Modification to alternate cap headwear mark Philadelphia -Elimination of alternate cap -Addition of alternate uniform and cap San Diego -Modification to batting practice jersey lettering -Modification to batting practice cap San Francisco -Removal of All-Star Game patch -Addition of commemorative patch Seattle -Removal of commemorative patch -Modification to batting practice cap St. Louis -Removal of World Series Champion sleeve patch Tampa Bay Rays -Complete identity change including Club name and Club colors Toronto -Change to road jersey lettering -Addition of sleeve patch to road jersey -Change to batting practice jersey lettering -Addition of alternate uniform (all-sky blue pullover jersey from the 80s) Washington -Addition of commemorative sleeve patch
  10. Has anyone posted the new jerseys yet? Here they are. Major downgrade. EDIT: I took the images down, the link for the Tampa jerseys and MORE.
  11. Every location gets all 32 teams, with eight jerseys (one per division) released per week. In my area, Week 1 was Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, San Diego, Miami, and Indy. Week 2 was Detroit, St. Louis, Washington, Carolina, Cleveland, Denver, NY Jets, and Houston.
  12. Capn89 - Mind putting some sort of numbers on the jerseys with front-numbering? That does change the uni a bit to not have them on there.
  13. The Lions unveiled their new jerseys for captains today. Each of the five captain jerseys will have a C patch with four stars underneath. For each year that the player is a captain, a star will be gold. Horribly ugly idea.
  14. The cool thing about the jerseys is that the unis try to match the location. Canada's are red-white, Japan's white-red, Mexico's green-red, etc. The US team jerseys are done in local color schemes. The Midwest is in Cubs colors, the Northwest is in Oregon colors, the Mideast in Mets colors, etc.
  15. There's actually a new rounded logo for Hope-Calvin...I work for Hope's newspaper, I'll try and scan a copy.