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  1. I don't know what the font is, but it looks to be the same as the font used for the new Marquette logo and wordmarks. I asked around about it a few weeks ago, and I think it's a custom font. It's a font called "Brothers". I think it's published by Emigre. No, there isn't a freeware or shareware version of it. Thanks.
  2. Could anybody point me in the direction of the font that is in all the front cover headlines on this issue of ESPN the Magazine?
  3. Well, it seems like the Reds are going to change, so I might as well throw a concept out there. I have always hated the blocky wordmark of the Reds. Because of their rich history, it seems only logical to try to create the "classic" tailed script wordmark, that, while overused, seems to always look nice. And because of the probable switch to blue, I added in a blue shadow. I kept the overall style of the Home uniforms (red sleeves, red pinstripes, chest logo and number) but replaced the newest wishbone C (the one featuring the blocky Reds text) with the Reds Running Man (sans that wishbone C logo and black changed to blue). And while I was going for a very classic look, I felt I needed at least some modern feel to the concept, so I used a more modern typeface for the numbers and names on the jerseys. For the Road uniforms, I ditched the sleeve look in favor of a solid grey one (mainly because blue sleeves were just a little bit too much blue...the blue hat bill might be too much as well). Let me know what you certainly is simple, but hopefully there's some potential in the concept.
  4. On an unrelated note, does anybody else find the navigation on their site as annoying as I do?
  5. I agree. Right now, the way you have his mouth and cheek shaped, he looks mildly disgruntled. I'd try to work with the shadows to make it look more like he's snarling in order to give it a more menacing look. I also think you should alter the shape of the eye patch. As it is right now, it's making it look like he has a really big nose. Maybe simply rounding it off and extending it a bit to the right would help. Other than that, it looks great; a very simple update that improves greatly over the old one.
  6. I'm interested in how they could actually go about constructing it...I mean...obviously you can't have scaffolding that reaches the moon...and there's not enough room to assemble it all on the ground and then upright it.
  7. I'd flip the duck horizontally to give it some more "motion." It looks kind of weird facing to the left...almost like it's backward. And I'd outline it with the same grey that you have the circle outlined in. I'm not a fan of the font used in the primary and I think it may actually look better if it were white lettering rather than orange with a white border. I like the wordmarks that you made, but once again, not a fan of the "ducks" in the serif font. The way you have the A set up in "Anaheim" would make a great hockey stick...just pointing that out in case you want to run with that idea. Maybe even take that A shape to form the crossed sticks in the primary to give a nod to the old one (of course, it would also be giving a nod to every other hockey logo ever made ) I really like what you've done with the uniforms. The AD shoulder patch looks great.
  8. What big name recruits? For every one he got, he lost two or three. Sean May grew up in Bloomington. His dad starred on the '76 title team. How much did it kill IU fans watching him lead UNC to the title last year? Everyone's had Greg Oden on their radar since he was out of diapers. And yet he's leaving Indiana for Ohio State. And taking Mike Conley with him. Maybe Davis couldn't recruit in Indiana because he faced backlash from Knight supporters who refused to help the new guy. But in looking outside the state rather than try and make inroads with high school coaches there to reestablish a conduit to IU, he let talent like Rodney Carney slip out to star far from home. Knight never got all the in-state stars either. He was notorious for passing up in-state star players in favor of coachable players. The guys he got to play at IU weren't superstars before they came, and they didn't go on to become superstars after they left. But while they were there, they became talented players. Mike Davis didn't get McRoberts, Oden, or May, but he did get Robert Vaden (A Mr. Basketball candidate if he hadn't gone off to prep school) and AJ Ratliff (Mr. Basketball) from in state, and he focused a lot of his recruiting to the South where he actually had some pull...he got guys like Bracey Wright from Texas (a player that Knight probably never would have recruited) and DJ White from Alabama.
  9. Here in Indy, we're hearing just about every name possible being thrown around. Obviously, Steve Alford is the sentimental favorite (and the one I would like to see take the job), but I've also heard quite a bit about the possibility of Mark Few (Gonzaga) getting the job. Bob Huggins' name has been thrown around, and so has Rick Magerus. And I've even heard the name *gasp* Tubby Smith (please God...what have I ever done to you?) once or twice (doubt there's any truth there least I hope there's no truth). Anyway, during the press conference, the University said that there would most likely be no announcement until after the Final Four. And Syphi, Davis had a horrible 6 years of coaching. He consistantly got beat on his home floor, he landed the big name recruits, but struggled to have them play anything that resembled basketball (case and point Bracey Wright...let's all watch him pop a shot from 10 feet behind the arc while our other four guys run in circles), and he failed to take us into the tourney twice in a row (and maybe three times if he manages to screw this season up even more...). I like Mike Davis, but I don't like him as a coach. I'd love to see him stay as an assistant and keep recruiting (obviously, not going to happen). His final four run was a fluke...he was "coaching," but it was Knights team that took them there. </rant> EDIT: Wishful thinking NJTank I'd love to see Knight back...I'd do just about anything for that...but there's no way it's going to happen.
  10. Never thought I'd see some work I did on another site get posted here.
  11. Some versions or windows has copperplate already on it. Same with some versions of Mac. I don't know if I've had it on my computer all along, or if it installed with Tiger, but I do know that I didn't download it on my own from anywhere.
  12. Great. I'll take Brady on Sundays and you can have Manning Monday-Saturday. Good luck. LMAO, That was hilarious btw, just curious, does anyone like any of the wallpapers? I like the first two. But the Manning ones are pretty poorly executed. It just doesn't seem very desktop friendly with the big, bold text, the poor quality picture, etc. All biases asied, it's not a desktop that I'd use. However, the first two look much better. Still something I wouldn't use (just too bold for me...I want something that isn't goinig to be distracting when I'm looking for a file or folder on my desk), but much better execution.
  13. Nah....Vandy will be a hall of famer too. I hate the guy (not for his miss, but rather for his comments a few years back), but it's not his fault we lost. The offense should have left him in better position for that kick. I mean, come on...there was more than enough time to run the ball forward or throw a couple short passes on the last couple of plays and set him up for like a 38-40 yarder rather than a 46 yarder. I'll tell you who I'd rather have (and he's not a Pat): Troy Polamalu over just about every Colt.
  14. When I first opened it, the first thing I thought was "woah...there's an ax." But unlike other logos, where the longer you look at them, the more apparant the hidden things become, the longer I looked at it, the more I was like " where was that ax I saw in the wordmark?" Great job developing this logo. I don't really like the addition of white highlights to the beard (but I do like them elsewhere) because, instead of conveying the Tall Tale Paul Bunyan Hero look, it seems to be making him look like an ageing, greying, ready for retirement hero. I don't like how the face is a profile, the the collar is almost facing forward. Maybe some more detail in the neck to make it look like he's turning his head rather than wearing his collar too far to the side? I like the newest wordmark, but something about the ax just doesn't fit. Maybe it's the curved elements of the axe thrown on top of the straight, angular lettering. But good job, I like this a lot.
  15. Exactly. Manning might have started out slow, but the rest of the team wasn't much help either. The line had major holes in it. For some reason, the linemen were jumping at home (something that really doesn't happen much in Indy). While his early passes were overthrown, it's not like he had much of a chance of completing them anyway: the Steelers' defensive backs were keeping the Colts recievers from getting open. When he finally did start making accurate throws, they couldn't always come down with them (Reggie Wayne's falling bobble in the endzone brought back memories of another very upsetting Steelers Colts playoff game). In hindsight, there are so many things that should have been done different. The starters shouldn't have had essentially a whole month of rest...they didn't shake the rust off until the second half. The offense should have tried to adjusted to the defense rather than employing the "it's worked before, it will work again" mentality. The Colts should have dropped the stretch play from their playbook all together (c' hasn't worked all year). And the Colts never should have let it come down to a 45+ yard field goal. Sure, I'm a little biased, but I'd want Manning on my team over Brady any day.