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  1. It would have looked like a hunter out in the woods wearing his orange safety vest. they better wear orange jerseys and camo pants or I'm gonna be pissed. umm... these are for the wounded warrior project right? not the wounded hunter project?.. and if the troops are wearing orange, thats probably how they got wounded in the first place.
  2. Made this a while back... something seemed wrong with it, but I just never got back to fixing it because I just don't know where to start. Somebody help.
  3. Posted this somewhere else a while back, but I wish the stros would lean towards something like this. As a devout Astros fan, i absolutely do not want to see the 90's set make a comeback. I don't care what anybody says, those things are a complete pile of crap. They worked for the 90s, but its 2012. I know that sounds a little ironic since I'm wanting them to modernize something from the 60's, but i don't think there's any way to make that uniform look good... that's just my opinion.
  4. Wish the Astros would do something like this.
  5. http://nflspinzone.com/2011/09/13/nike-releases-new-pro-combat-uniforms/
  6. maybe its just me, but i think these things are freakin rediculous... im beginning to find myself accepting the dumb duck wings, but i just cant stomach all the different color combos... stick with green and yellow.
  7. I have no idea why Texas Tech thinks it is a good idea to replace bad unis with worse unis every time they decide to make a change. So I decided to make a change for myself. When I first made them, I wasn't too sure about them... but every game i play with these the more I fall in love. I really wish tech would go classic and stop letting under armour add more crap designs to their portfolio.
  8. just fixed the beak to make it more falcon-like... probably still not 100% true to what a falcons beak should look like, but once i started messing with it too much it just started to look funny.
  9. This started out as a "just because" logo, but now I'm seriously thinking about presenting it to them. Never created an athletic logo before, so I just wanted to get some of your thoughts. The logotype is definitely going to be something that I tweak, because it's just too "eagleish"... just not sure what I want to do with it yet.
  10. ... and im pretty sure andrewharrington is right about the overlapping thing. i think the number size is the same no matter what the size of the jersey is... so a running backs number will probably overlap, while at the same time, a offensive linemans probably wont. i know most of my number designs arent proportional to the jersey, and are nowhere close to the nfl regulations, but i will try to correct those in my final designs.
  11. Yeah, i dont know why i didn't do that in the first place. i kinda prefer the orange jerseys, but i think i still had bears stuck in my head when i was making the changes. i will make the changes and post them when i can.
  12. I know i promised the lions, but im still not quite sure what i want to do with them... So I decided i would just go with the Bengals since I already had an idea of what i wanted. The bengals' uniforms have always just seemed a little too complicated for me... you dont need stripes on every inch of the uni to let people know youre a freakin tiger. Just keep the helmet, and thats good enough for me. I used the original afl uniforms as inspiration for the overall design but kept the current numbers... minus the dumb drop shadow thing they got goin on. clean and simple, but still catches the eye.
  13. Some of you said Denver Broncos when i posted the first bears design, so here it is.