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  1. The Bengals really screwed the pooch with their new unis. I maintain that they have maybe the coolest helmet in the NFL, and as a result, their new unis could have had so much potential to be great.
  2. Echoing everyone else's sentiments, this is vastly improved from your previous effort. I remember the old design was a bit more "cartoonish", for lack of a better word. But this is really beginning to come together nicely.
  3. Dang...somebody beat me to the Winnipeg Jets. Oh well...the rest of my faves... MLB - the old brown Padres unis NFL - the New York Giants unis when we actually won Super Bowls NBA - I actually liked the Sonics look they had before the current "retro" look
  4. I might have to go with Miami/Florida. Dolphins, Marlins, Heat, Panthers...all pretty solid logos IMO....not to mention the U.
  5. I agree 100%...although I'm surprised they don't wear the HR Derby jerseys in the actual game since they've institued the whole "This Time It Counts" crap. You'd think the powers-that-be at MLB would push for some sort of solidarity and teamwork, and having everyone wear the same unis would accomplish that somewhat.
  6. Maybe just leave it as a good ol' 5 pointed star. As it stands now, it reminds me of one of those ninja throwing stars. I guess it could also be a spur, like on the back of a cowboy boot. Overall though, I think the whole concept is solid. I really like the choice of numbers you've been using on these jerseys. Since you're taking requests...heehee...any chance of seeing a NY Giants of the future? I know you already touched upon a NY team with the Jets, but the Giants could definitely use some help with their current scheme.
  7. Cool...the Dallas Cowboys of the future. That should be interesting...I can't wait to see it!
  8. I think this is really great work. The logo looks real sharp, and the overall design is nice and simple. I love how you added the stars to the sleeves...it's a nice nod to the old jerseys.
  9. I always liked the old Padres brown and yellow jerseys. What they have now probably goes better with the whole "sand and surf" vibe of San Diego, but I really miss those old ones...they were definitely unique.
  10. I gotta hand it to you...this is pretty sweet. I know a lot of people don't like the trend of teams switching to black jerseys, but I always felt the Jets could use some black in their scheme. In fact, I think they had black facemasks for a brief time before they switched to the retro look. I really like the numbers, and I think the logo is a nice futuristic take on the current design. Any chance of seeing an away white uni with this scheme?
  11. I'm actually digging those white pinstripes...that's a pretty cool touch. Red pinstripes might look good too, as WCFSwim Coach mentioned.
  12. The fact that some of these were so close really reflects the great talent and skills that everyone has on this board. I am so envious of all of you. If I had one ounce of the talent that most of you guys have (not to mention some cool software), I'd certainly be posting ideas myself.
  13. These look really cool. My only gripe is that the Blue alternate gives me a New York Rangers vibe. But it is the logical choice for an alt, given the color scheme. Nice job.
  14. Leggmann Vitamin D Oz615 Braden Bucsfan56 Statebully Icecap79 Astrobull21 Guinness23 Darthman
  15. Any chance of seeing a Team Ireland concept? That would be cool...