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  1. ive only had cheerwine once in my life, and i can say, it is good stuff.
  2. aight, i stopped and took some time to do the best i could with MS Paint, i gave the blue letters a red outline, it is visible in my signature.
  3. please be gentle, i am still a rookie, in a perfect world they would all be perfect size, but please i am willing to recieve C&C on it!
  4. Old Logo New Logo any thoughts?
  5. I love every single one of these! but i prefer the alternate and batting practice unis to the home and away id swap them in my opinion. but if you ask anyone on this board, my taste for colors and unis is rather strange lol
  6. these are amazing! please dont look at my GREASE concept after looking at these, it is sad.
  7. thanks, ya ive never done a NASCAR concept before so i was not too sure about this, good to hear the number goes on the roof, -i put the bacardi logo there because i had coca cola as a sponsor and coke own bacardi. - i chose 50 because i didnt have an actual driver in mind when making this, so i just used 50 for the 50th anniversarry -since i had put such a large grease logo on the side of the car, i thot i should have the number big some place else, so i chose the hood. any other thoughts that could make this better?
  8. ok, this is my first nascar concept so please be gentle. and before you start going "that will never happen, theyll never make a car for that reason" you should realize that i know this car would never be made, but i thot it would look cool. so without further adu(spelling?) here it is:
  9. lol, oh that i know already. i was watching rookie of the year when found this website
  10. i dont know where i could put the NCAA logo without making it un-symetrical (is that a word? o well) do you have one more logo that would look good so i could make it symetrical?
  11. here, i still got rid of the basketball, but i changed it to a darker blue, the caroline blue they had going on there was tooooooo bright
  12. ya, there the nets. its not my template i got it from mjrbaseball's template library
  13. alright, thanks for the hints, i have nesi's signature cuz i told him i like his concepts and i wanted to give him some advertising
  14. idk, i like it, id like to see it on a fashion jersey