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  1. when will the Zebra unis make a comeback??
  2. Don't think I've ever seen a metalic/pearl orange helmet without stripes before. Very nice. Hard to see how anyone can argue for the matte look when compaired to this. Pretty nice look for UVA overall, acually. Modern done right, IMO. As someone who follows UVa football, I read the rumors about a new color helmets for this bowl. I just assume it was going to be white. It would have been sweet having old school meets new school with white helmets/orange tops/white pants like the Shawn Moore era. Then I heard about the orange helmets and got a little worried. Of course, you will get the "OH THEY LOOK LIKE CLEMSON" arguments like in . So with that rational, anyone with orange helmets will ALWAYS be compared to Clemson. I guess Bengals, Browns, Ball State, and Syracuse all copied Clemson.
  3. I like LA Guardians or California Rhinos of Los Angeles (never understood WHY IN THE WORLD WE DON'T HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM nicknamed the Rhinos?)
  4. I was always wondering about the Falcons pants. The thing that bothers me is that on their home reds, they got the little red on the side pants with red socks. Yet on the white away unis, they got the little black on the side with the black socks YET they have red numbers. I always thought that was a left over from the blacks when they were the main ones. That was always a mix match for me.
  5. What is also weird is how the stripes are different depending on the player., some are slim while others are thicker...
  6. Well, next year they are getting rid of the blue home jerseys and making orange their primary. makes one wonder if they break out an ALL ORANGE Monochrome set...?
  7. Funny, I always thought the Bills should re brand and go with a logo reflects something like this:
  8. i guess they hired that same guy
  9. Eh... I wish they had a team from Metropolis instead of Rapid City...
  10. nothing beats the old school Shawn Moore unis: though Tiki Barber era were nice: I am on the fence that they should have had an alt Orange jersey with the "V" but Groh never wanted it.
  11. It sort looks like if the Bills unis do a "John Edwards" and had a kid with the FSU unis and wouldn't admit it for a long time. Yet you would figure that was the offspring between two.....
  12. I also noticed a player from North Dakota State in the backfield. How many FBS players are taken each year? I know I could find the answer to my question online however I am curious about one thing. Does the colleges in Canada play to the CFL rules or do they have smaller fields with 4th downs? Sorry if it is dumb question but I was just wondering?
  13. ha! The Reds hat is basically a Bears hat?
  14. I wonder if the Texans will ever do the white/red/red look? Look nice?
  15. they wore that combo ONCE, when they first wore the blue alts. I swear from a distance I thought I was watching the Lions.