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  1. absolutely. at least in my case. never liked the old buffalo sabres goat head until 1999. funny what a cup run will do to change your opinion. also people loved the buffaslug when the sabres were winning. It was the number one selling team jersey or something. they had to make special practice jerseys b/c the originals couldnt get manufactured fast enough. All this, despite.... well you know. Teh ugly
  2. brilliant! jolly good show, old boy / and so on and so forth
  3. ugh i misread this as a logo redesign and got all excited. i always disliked the name and hated the logo. i do like the unis tho, rather spiffy in a non-traditional sense
  4. code VIP2012 doesnt seem to work for baseball stuff.
  5. not to be that guy, but if the wind is blowing from behind and pushing the boat forward, why is the flag blowing sideways? things that make you go hmmmmmm.
  6. interesting look at how the new nets logo came about
  7. im not likin the shoulder yoke and the sabres-like chest stripes. seems too busy. otherwise great
  8. what happened to sze 48? why does it jump from 46 to 50, 52, 54...
  9. they have somestuff on sale id like to get. anyone ever order from them?