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  1. Wow. Just wow. Awesome concept, buddy.
  2. How about market # 41... Harrisburg Just kidding of course, but it goes to show you that as much as people like to try to sell Las Vegas as "the fastest growing city", the metro area remains quite small, and is decades away from actually being a viable destination for major sports franchises. \ In addition, is Las Vegas a baseball town? There has to be a history of faithful hardball fans in a market as well as a strong regional identification by its residents for a franchise to succeed.
  3. Just because he was not convicted, does not mean he is innocent... I am not giving any opinion in terms of what I think about Ray Lewis, OJ, etc... however, in the US you are innocent until proven guilty following such logic, if it is ruled that you are not guilty, you are innocent as a result of not being proven guilty Jeez, its late, I'm rambling. off-topic? Anyways... How about the Ravens just wear magenta helmets, it would be better than woody woodpecker thats on them now.
  4. Thanks for the update. I unfortunately had to work yesterday and couldn't make it down to Fanfest. It sounded like a lot of people showed up for it.
  5. as a long time Senators fan, it is quite a change. In recent years the team had begun to separate itself from the cartoon senator (which was just awful) and use just the script from their package, which I kind of liked. Nonetheless, it is not a bad change at all. I do like how it links us with the parent club. Pantone, are you sure about the gnat? I think you may be confusing Harrisburg with Savannah. If there is some kind of bug, perhaps its a tongue and cheek reference to all the may flies that hover around the lighting fixtures at Riverside Stadium (and subsequentially die, littering the fans with dead insects) the press release (with more artwork)
  6. Not indentifiable? Please, the interlocking TB is easily seen from ANY distance. I even walked to the other side of the room and I could STILL tell it was a TB. I love the concept, my biggest beef would be with the "RAYS" on the visiting grays. If I had my druthers, the interlocking "TB" would be on the road unis or "Tampa Bay" using the the same script as the interlocking TB. Great work. This is the type of work that truely says "baseball"
  7. I will use this thread to remind everyone of the dominance of the Central Penn (Harrisburg) Piranha - 2005 NAFL Champions
  8. I can't lie. I've never seen the "MB" in that thing. I always thought it was "BM" and was simply implying what human function the quality of brewers baseball most resembled.
  9. Houston's patch is a real disappointment. I would have liked to see some kind of tribute to the Colt .45s in it. I suppose some things are just too easy.
  10. I would find it humorous if instead of a logo that first comes to mind, the logo is a few people passing a bucket of water towards a burning building
  11. for some reason the closest word to express my content with this is "yummy" i'm pretty much a traditionalist and not a huge fan of the "new age" piping, but i am really digging these
  12. it kind of has an old Denver Broncos look to it....