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  1. yeah i was referring to that logo or design (whatever it's called)
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the Packers Super Bowl Champion logo that is on the shirts of the locker room apparel?
  3. I'll share some insight on the orange jerseys. I apologize in advance if it was already mentioned. Buck Showalter thought the all-orange uniform was too much, he never mentioned that he did not like the orange top. So don't read too much into that. For the first T-Shirt Tuesday night, the Orioles decided to mix up the uniform and wear their orange BP jersey. The Orioles had lost the first 4 games of that homestand and were 1-6 on the year. They did this a couple years ago on a Sunday afternoon game when they had a long Sunday losing streak. Because it received so much positive fan support, the Orioles decided to wear their orange BP jerseys for every T-Shirt Tuesday games. This only last 3 games after they lost all 3 and are back to their home whites for T-Shirt Tuesdays. Finally, I believe there is a deadline in May or June for teams to announce plans for new jerseys for the following year. As far as I know, the Orioles have not made any to add an orange jersey or cartoon bird hat next year. When the Orioles added the Baltimore road jersey, they released an announcement during the season about their plans. I think orange jerseys would look great but don't get your hopes up for next year.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll now be wearing my purple Ray Rice jersey instead of my white Joe Flacco jersey.
  5. Anybody know the jersey combinations for tomorrow's NFL preseason slate? I know the Ravens have worn white at home for the past 2 preseasons. Can anybody confirm if this will continue this year?
  6. Wrong. Trust me. I found this on Orioles Hangout, a Baltimore Orioles fan site. "Well it's near unanimous. Birdland has spoken & over 96% like the orange jerseys in game. We'll do it every T-shirt Tuesday." - birdland insider on Twitter. The scoreboard mentioned the last time the O's wore BP jerseys in a game was July 20, 2008 against Detroit when they tried to end their Sunday losing streak.
  7. Thanks for the logos. And ColorWerx, if you can post the NFL Playoff logo with every playoff team, I will appreciate it!
  8. Does anybody have a copy of the NFL Playoffs logo with the new NFL shield? All of the NFL playoffs logos on here have the old shield.
  9. The Ravens have enjoyed success with the all-black uniform. Ed Reed set the NFL record for the longest interception return for a TD (106 yards) in 2004 wearing the all-black. In 2005, they beat the Packers 48-3 in the largest blowout in Monday Night Football. On the other hand, the Ravens wore all-black when the lost to the Patriots in the final minute in 2007 then wore it the following week and lost badly to the Colts. That was the last time the Ravens wore all-black as they now have a black-white combo. Go Ravens! Beat the Steelers!
  10. If they do move to Baltimore, it would be cool if they were renamed as the Baltimore Blast.
  11. I love your predictions. A repeat of Super Bowl XXXV. Go Ravens!
  12. I like this division because now the Orioles have a chance at winning!
  13. The only white that is used on Orioles jerseys is on the home BP jersey. This jersey is new this year and I think it was changed to match the BP hats better. Orioles Home BP Jersey script Orioles BP hat The year 2000 was the last time white was on the black jerseys, but it was also on the gray road jerseys. 2000 Orioles Road Jersey 2000 Orioles Black Jersey In 2001, the Orioles completely removed the white from those jerseys and it has stayed that way since then. 2001-Present Orioles Road Jersey (yes, I know that Baltimore is now on the road jersey but the style is still the same) 2001-Present Orioles Black Jersey The Orioles current style of script is orange lettering and a black outline. So, for me, it would make no sense to add white to the black jersey because it wouldn't match the other jerseys. Current Orioles Home Jersey Script Current Baltimore Road Jersey Script Black Jersey with White Outline
  14. Personally, I don't like the white on the black uniforms. White is not a part of the Orioles's colors at all so why add it on a uniform?