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  1. The device is quite often referred to as a Mnemonic in the branding business - a short, memorable string of notes or tones (often as the soundtrack over the client's logo in audiovisual use). The 3 distinctive notes that NBC uses in its IDs for instance, even used as an hour chime and inserted in the musical arrangement of show themes in its news division.
  2. My favourite memories of the Winter Olympics are from Lillihammer in 1994, mostly because I was there for almost an entire month working for Canadian television. I was far too busy to attend many actual events, although I did manage to scrounge free tickets to a couple of the Canadian men's hockey round-robin games and the men's short figure skating. One memory from Lillihammer that I enjoy is during the soap opera that was Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan. The bar in the media centre was just outside the CTV and CBS broadcast centres (natch) and a bunch of we Canucks were gathered watching a Canada hockey game on one of the bar TVs, while at the next table a bunch of CBS guys were glued to another set watching the figure skating soap opera. A CBS camera crew was shooting their brethren transfixed to the TV as part of a story about the Harding hoopla. I doubt that they could use much of the audio of the supposed tension of the "fans" watching the ice princess duel, since at the next table a bunch of raucous Canadians were screaming at the top of their lungs for Team Canada.
  3. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/foot...0717/index.html
  4. Pixelboy


    Add a string of gold piping around the neck leading to a big medallion, and you're all set. Perhaps a secondary logo could be OP over a disco light globe.
  5. I dunno if it's true or not, but I remember reading on a discussion board somewhere that it's an original chant produced by the Als. Rumour has it that the "what time is it?" voice is actually The Don's, recorded in the locker room during a pregame pep talk.
  6. Nah, it was just a brain cramp on my part. Wrong Ivy League school. It is indeed Princeton, as in New Jersey.
  7. If they don't ask permission to use the logos, they are breaking the law. Most smart high schools ask, and for the most part they are given permission by the pro teams. I read a month or so ago that the perennial powerhouse Massillon Ohio Tigers football team started using the new logo of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last year. How they obtained it -- I might venture a guess that it was from this very website ;-) ... or perhaps the Ticats own website, since they posted eps files of it when it was unveiled. Ticat owner Bob Young discovered this by chance while driving through Massillon and found his CFL team's logo adorning various merchandise in a local store. He was rather pleased apparently that such a successful team had chosen to adopt his own team's symbols, and gave Massillon permission to use the Tiger-Cats' logo. Ironically, the original Tiger-Cat leaping tiger logo that the current design updates, first drawn by Hamilton's GM in the late 50s, had been used by several American high schools as well as Yale University. The line "It's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission" works a lot easier with one's girlfriend than it does in a court of law. It never hurts to do the right thing and just ask.
  8. I remember hearing from several sources that the player depicted in silhouette in the NBA logo is LA Lakers guard Jerry West, based on a photo of him.
  9. Going by the image, Doom definitely looks to be from a hand-drawn sketch, not from a font.
  10. The point is that the uniforms are a cross-promotion with the respective CFL teams. After the game, the uniforms will be signed by Ticat and Argo players and auctioned off for charity. You would know this if you bothered to read the link in the original post. Lighten up!
  11. Very cool uniforms! I'm watching the game now, and they're sharp. The Bulldogs duds are faithful design repros of the Ticats uniforms, right down to the Hurricanes/old Patriots font for the numbers. The Marlies' unis are pretty close to the Argos, except that they are using the block font from the old Argos uniforms. It's as if they followed through with a CC switcheroo contest for real
  12. Does your friend freelance with EyeballNYC, or did he work there at the time those Schwab spots were done? I've seen several writeups about them in broadcast design magazines and websites, and they all list EyeballNYC as the design house that created them.
  13. Wilson, I think that is actually Dom Casual Bold, and judging by the image it's vertical scale is 75% or something... unless the image itself is distorted. My earlier guess at DC's font inquiry of Univers Extra Bold Oblique is close, but no cigar on further review. I just noticed the numeral 2 on his other sample, and the lower curve looks more like Helvetica than Univers - unless the designer used Univers for letters and Helvetica for numerals... doubtful. My Univers suggestion would be a reasonable facsimile though.
  14. Sorry Nick, I don't give away company assets for free. Besides, it's a violation of the EULA. There are plenty of cheap OCR fonts available, many for less than 20 bucks. Here's one list: http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=OCR
  15. It's probably an OCR-optimized font (optical character recognition) that several foundries make. I have FontFont's OCR-F, which looks like a match.