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  1. Just wanted to pop in to say I think aawagner011 and Brave-Bird 08 both had great sets. I like how both of you employed a traditional look even while using Nike's updated pro-combat uniform template. As and alum, I think either or would be great. I prefer the lack of a shoulder stripes in favor of a clean look, maybe just one strip around the sleeve as they have now, but I wouldn't be upset should they roll out either of these sets. With that said, I'd love to see what you two could produce in regards to a more "progressive" uniform look for UGA. Maybe something a little less traditional? Anyways, Go Dogs! Nice win last night.
  2. My only problem with this is all the away uniforms causing a rather bland line-up. With that said, they could have still added color to the away uniforms in different areas. Considering this is a one-time deal, why not? They could have purple or gold pants for LSU for example.
  3. Generally when I see people do Georgia concepts I don't like them, but this is great. You kept the traditional pant-striping, but modernized it just slightly as well as the tops. I don't like the silver helmet, it just looks out of place. I also think you should add the red pants, considering they were used more than black pants in the past, before you were to add black pants. I wouldn't mind seeing all three.
  4. jsrowe

    Arizona State

    I pray they don't get new jerseys. If they want an alternate, fine, but I hope they don't switch their template. I love these jerseys. I love the cartoony mascot, I love they have colors that wouldn't get past focus groups, I love the simplicity of the uniforms. These uniforms scream college football to me and I'd hate for them to change.
  5. I think H, I, J, K, and Q are all great. I don't think any of those would look good on a helmet. I think a more updated font like what is displayed in L would look better on a helmet than what they currently use. To me Miss. State's uniforms and helmets just make the team appear slow and 2nd rate. I don't know if its the colors, the blandness of the M-State logo, the uniform design, or what, but that's what always comes to my mind when seeing their uniforms.
  6. For a one time thing those Army uniforms look awesome. The Navy's aren't bad, but if they're not going to be outlandish like Army's why not just keep the better look they had before, but with the new jersey type? Its not like they went crazy with Navy anyways. Although after seeing the Army's uniforms I sort of wish they would have.
  7. I don't think it will be all red. Richt has been very conservative with the uniforms, he removed the black stripe from the helmet, and outside of the black jerseys he has not messed with the "tradition". I don't think an all red look, which we have never seen, would go well with the fan base and I don't think Richt would do that. Georgia is the home team so does have the choice of wearing all red if they do choose, but I am going to guess if it is anything it is red pants. Perhaps whoever has the source, although I'm skeptic to put much merit in this source, saw red pants and assumed UGA will go with an all red look. With that in mind, if the red pants are available, I think they will go red helmet, white jerseys, and red pants. Outside of that I can't imagine what they would do. I don't see UGA sporting the black jerseys again this year. I sure don't see them wearing all red. I think everyone within the program has better judgment than that.
  8. Studied abroad in Verona, but I still can't force myself to like these.
  9. Its been leaked that its Jones Soda Company.
  10. I more than agree. Although I am a UGA student/fan/almost alum I have a lot of good friends that attend Tech. Generally, I want Tech to be competitive. Its good for the state. I also don't want them wearing high school-esque uniforms. What did you think of the throwbacks they wore the past few years? Those, with the white helmet, that unique color of gold/yellow I thought was their best uniform. I really was hoping they went with that, a long with a navy alternative looking more traditional, not this crap, and their historic white on gold pants.
  11. They gold jerseys they have there are practically the same as the ones you liked. I loved those too. Even though Tech is a rival, I thought those uniforms were one of the best in football. They should have used those as the primaries and had a similar style for the white/gold pants uniforms. Anyways, the white helmet with the gold jerseys is what you liked. And notice the gold jerseys, or old gold, don't have any stripping or any crap. Just the traditional arm stripes. The only difference is the helmet has navy GT lettering instead of gold GT lettering. Also, not sure if they will have specific pants for those old gold jerseys considering the other ones will probably match up with the hideous other jerseys.
  12. I saw the list of uniform combinations they will go with. While I am not certain how exact it is, because I am not familiar with the source, I would say its fairly accurate. They will not have white on white or blue on gold. GT always wears white on gold pants which will be their primary uniform with the gold helmet. They also will not use the gold helmet with the gold jersey as they are two different shades. Also, I am not sure why the guy doing the mock-up chose those pants. Perhaps that's his idea of what they will look like considering the design of the jersey? EDIT: I just noticed that if you look behind the jerseys you can see the pants behind them that will go with each jersey. The white ones have gold pants, the blue white, and the old gold probably has its own set of white pants that will be more traditional.
  13. Someone on a GT's Scout.com message board had that posted. I just posted it because that picture is all there is and it is pretty hard to see what the uniforms look like from the quality, and the way the jerseys are presented. How do you see the side paneling matching up with the pant stripes?
  14. Probably some 5 year-old girl in Cambodia for 5-cents an hour and some bread. Oh. You meant which apparel manufacturer? I can't tell, but from the looks of the picture it seems to be a Russel Athletics logo on the shoulder of the jerseys. Not sure, I am sure someone else would know more about who supplies uniforms to GT.
  15. I agree. The throwbacks they have worn recently the past few years, which are basically the white helmet with that old gold jersey, IMO are their best look. However, the white helmet they use here has navy lettering instead of gold. Honestly, the colors/idea are not that bad, but why the unnecessary strip across the top? I could live with the side paneling if I were a GT fan, but the bra? Anyways, I am a UGA fan so I can only laugh at this. Haha, Nerds.