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  1. It's probably not going to happen, but I wish the Mariners would revert to their pre-2015 jersey lettering. The old Navy-Teal-Silver lettering looked much cleaner than the Navy-Silver-Teal scheme they've deployed over the past few years.
  2. I visualize Vlad in an Angels uniform first, but that makes sense because I live on the West coast and am a Mariners fan. Vlad terrorized the rest of the AL West.
  3. Maybe they'll bring back the late-1990s vests.
  4. I just don't think a creme colored uniform would look right for the Mariners. All the places where creme has worked have been on teams that have a warm accent color, like the Giants, Indians, even the Diamondbacks had a copper accent. The Mariners color scheme is cool, and that just seems like it would with the creme base.
  5. I have no problem with the Indianapolis Indians name, although if enough Native American groups took issue with it, I would certainly try to see their viewpoint. My issue with Cleveland isn't the team name, which is the problem with the DC football team. The Chief Wahoo graphic, however, is at this point shockingly tone-deaf and needs to be retired.
  6. I've never cared for the script I hat. In isolation from the rest of the Indians wordmark, I always read that character as a cursive 'J'. Anything is better than Chief Wahoo, though.
  7. For the University of Washington: Oregon - I'm not sure which of Oregon's colors they would wear, but just about any of them would work against UW's purple. UCLA - if they wore their traditional light blue WSU - is there enough difference between WSU's crimson and UW's purple? Seattle Mariners - given they can go with a teal or navy jersey, they could match up against just about anyone in a color on color. I think a navy/red game against the Angels would look good, as would a teal/dark green game against the A's.
  8. I kind of like it. It has character.
  9. Based on this tweet from the Mariners, I'm going to say that they are not changing their uniforms for the 2014 season. https://twitter.com/Mariners/status/389814825385472000
  10. I saw a tweet a few weeks back from one of the Mariners beat reporters, but I can't recall which one. The Mariners front office denied any plans to change the uniforms for 2014. I think the batting practice jersey leaks confirm that as well.
  11. Apparently Washington is going to break out gold "chrome" helmets at some point this season. https://twitter.com/nikeblog/status/374736812100440065/photo/1
  12. I am not a fan of either idea. I don't think a creme colored base uniform would look good with the Mariners Navy/Silver/Teal scheme, and I don't want them to change from that either. I'd say maybe they could do it if it was a Sunday-only uniform or something like that, but the "northwest green" jerseys are already filling that role, and they are awesome.
  13. I agree with this. To that end, I am not a fan of American football teams wearing monochrome uniforms, where jersey/pants are predominantly the same color. The first exception to this is white over white when on the road. The other is the Seahawks, who's latest set is terrific. I hated their 2002-2011 set at first but grew to like it too. My other belief is that baseball teams should never wear colored pants. Every instance I've seen (mostly from the 1970s) looks wrong. This rule applies doubly to teams wearing red pants.
  14. This has been an interesting discussion, and it's made me think. It seems like it should be a simple issue, but when you start examining the particulars, it can get complicated! As someone who grew up cheering for the Supersonics, it seemed cut and dried to me - the relocated team should be renamed the to the Supersonics, wear green and gold uniforms, and honor the history and records of the original Supersonics. The way I look at it, if a team relocates and rebrands itself, the thread of the original team ends. I know the Minnesota franchise originated as the Washington Senators, but in my mind that iteration of the Senators ended in 1960, and the Twins began life in 1961. If a team moves and does not rebrand itself, it can claim all of its history.
  15. I like the Sounders kit a lot. I hope they have a primarily rave green with blue stripe version as well.