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  1. I voted for 3 as well. I like the general design of option 4, but hate the Roman numbering. If it just had Arabic numerals, 4 would be very nice, modern design.
  2. I like the Seahawks current look a lot, but these are awesome! Great work.
  3. I was in Atlanta earlier this month, and New Era has a retail store downtown (might be their flagship store) where they sell some low-crown 5950s.
  4. At least it's not Miami levels of stupid piping, though.
  5. Apparently Washington has made a subtle tweak to their purple jersey, adding a bit of gold piping and a gold collar to match the purple piping and collar on the away jersey.
  6. Yup, that's where I got a replacement to my low-crown navy Mariners hat last year. The one I had before was a wool one from the mid 1990s, and no longer fit my head. I was up in Seattle earlier this year and bought a teal-billed cap from the official team store, but the standard 5950 shape looks so terrible on me, I can't really wear it.
  7. The low crown 5950s are great. I look like a complete fool in the regular cut 5950s, but the low crown ones mitigate this a lot. You can order them from a few places online, but thy don't have every team/size combination. Alternate and throwbacks are usually out of the question too. I'd love to get my hands on a teal-billed low-crown M's hat, but I have to make do with the standard all-navy one.
  8. Right - I was surprised when I went to the Sounders/Seahawks team store in Seattle a few months ago. The green gear looks way less bright in person than it does on TV, and dramatically different from the Seahawks green stuff.
  9. I really like it. I was not a fan of the old Pac 10 logo at all. The suggestion of the mountains and the ocean work well. The whole thing has a classic, sporty feel to it.
  10. The Mariners have been wearing the new ones, and I think they look great. Of course, I've been wanting them to bring back the teal-brimmed hat as an alternate for awhile. I wish the BP hats didn't have that thick piping, though. Even though it's the same color as the rest of of the bill, it looks bad and really detracts from an otherwise attractive hat.
  11. Speaking of teal, I wish the Mariners would bring back the teal-brimmed caps. at least as an official alternate.. Seeing old clips of Randy Johnson and Edgar Martinez in those filled me with nostalgia, but I also think it's a good look.
  12. I'm a Seahawks fan and I dug these unis. I'd like to see the green jerseys with the regular Seahawk blue pants instead of the navy blue they wore with them. I think it would look good and pair up with the helmet better, but I'd like to see it to be sure.
  13. IIRC, the "northwest purple" navy blue was used in the 1950s and early 1960s because their uniform supplier didn't offer purple. Since it was before color television and full-color newspapers really took off, they were probably less picky about it back then.
  14. The white on white is growing on me. Paul Lukas at UniWatch linked to some additional pictures at http://washington.rivals.com/photofeature....1&fid=28144 Maybe I have no taste - I like Cal's yellow over blue look too.
  15. Beat me to it. As a Dawg fan, I like it, but I had hoped the purple and gold would be a little more vibrant, like they were back in the day. Not too sure about new white road pants with stripes, but we'll see. Also, would it have killed Nike or the UW athletic department to get some beefier mannequins?
  16. njpoz

    MLB 2009

    IIRC, it was used as a trim color on the BP jersey the first year the Padres used this identity package.
  17. njpoz

    MLB '09

    San Diego wears their camouflage jerseys every Sunday home game, or at least did last year, and I haven't heard that changing for this season.
  18. I just took another look through - fantastic work! I completely missed the helmets the first time I saw the site. I can't verify this, as I don't have any pictures, but I'm pretty sure Chris Widger wore a goalie style catcher's mask/helment when he with the Mariners too.
  19. Fantastic job! I'm a life-long Mariners fan, and I'd forgotten or never even realized some of these details, like the variations in the mid-90s BP jerseys.
  20. What is the source? The only reason I ask is a friend is going to the game and wants to match the team, and has asked me to find out since I'm the "uniform guy".
  21. There are two astounding things about that video. First, the TATC uniforms were hideous. Second, Sportscenter really did used to be funny and worth watching. If only we could turn back the clock on ESPN.
  22. That doesn't look terribly comfortable, but it looks sharp. Are there any pictures of Del Rio available?
  23. Considering how far east the PCL truly extends, the logo almost makes sense.
  24. It's a very different look for Cal, that's for sure. The weird thing is, I kind of like it, which makes me question my taste.