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  1. Nobody's killing anybody for one of these hats.
  2. I'm a UW alum, and I have to say, I much prefer W over the "weasel" dog. The Nike dog may be a fine logo, but it wasn't a necessary change. People at UW love the purple W, and that's what they want on their gear. The Nike dog will also always be associated with hideous Nike football uniforms that were introduced in 2001, with the thin god bands around the shoulders and rollerball numbers. (Pantone, the color blocks you linked to earlier look great. Too bad that the actual football jerseys look nothing like that shade of purple in person. They look almost lavender.) The football team's on-field performance has been pretty depressing since the introduction of the Nike dog, too. I know one has very little to do with the other, but the association exists in the fans' minds.
  3. I don't know for sure, but that generally seems right. The Mariners allowed the starting pitcher to choose the jersey and hat every night, and the teal-brimmed hat was being chosen less and less. I don't remember it ever being worn in a game the last season it was officially part of the uniform options. I don't personally mind that they phased it out. If they want to bring back a hat with a different color bill, I think they should go with a true green instead of teal, which I never really cared for. I do, however, treasure my teal Mariners cap with the blue bill, which my dad bought for me at the Kingdome during Game 5 of the 1995 Division series.
  4. I really don't think these are too bad, actually. The Houston one looks pretty sharp.
  5. I think these are awful, myself.
  6. I like these a lot. Good job, Pacers. The pinstripe unis weren't terrible, but they weren't all that great either. These are nice and modern looking.
  7. I thought the plan was for Buffalo to wear the throwbacks all year, like how the Washington Redskins did a few years back with the spear throwbacks.
  8. After a few years of all blue, Seattle wearing blue/white looks really strange.
  9. I'm not sure, but I think this is the first time UW has worn gold pants with the white road jersey since 1988.
  10. I think they should just go all Spanish for the team name... Los Angeles de Anaheim. Problem solved.
  11. In the early 1991 or 1992, the Mariners held a contest asking young kids to write an essay describing the ideal Mariner's mascot. If I recall the details, the best 10 ideas were kind of thrown into a hat, and the Mariner Moose was the one that drawn out.