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  1. Got this pic from a buddy of mine who is an Adidas rep and has access to the new styles catalog... Looks like somewhat of a downgrade IMO, not enough red and a little bummed there's none of that classic Jayhawk logo anywhere on them. OH and I'm really praying that shorts thumbnail on the bottom right isn't implying a black alternate in the near future... Meh.
  2. I don't know if this has been posted somewhere but I saw on Espn today the Steelers wearing yellow helmets with decals and everything... Check the end of this video. They look pretty sweet, I can only hope they use them.
  3. The best isn't even on there... Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes
  4. I'm not at all impressed with that new Wiz kit if that is in fact legit. According to the video a new logo is coming along with it so that should be an upgrade. I do like the addition of gold to the scheme, though. KC Jayhawk
  5. I can't get over how disappointed I am about the font change for KU. I love this team more than my family and we have to go and ruin our image all for money. Disgrace. I hope if you're as pissed off as I am you'll at least look at this website: http://trajansucks.com/ KC Jayhawk
  6. oh my... ray south. it's a nice thing to see your football team every once in a while, being that you're basketball team has consistently made my school look bad in the Hy-Vee shootout.
  7. based off of pictures on their webstite, there aren't yet any changes and nothing was unveiled
  8. How about Kansas City Royals basketball or football? I think that could look pretty sweet.
  9. Thats a pretty large typo... I think you meant to spell "Oklahoma", K-A-N-S-A-S.
  10. Kansas has red Alts on the way from Adidas, there is one hanging in the Hall of Fame at Allen Fieldhouse and it looks amazing. I wish I could upload the picture I took but it's on my phone. KC Jayhawk
  11. This is great... but I think drop the black. If they want to make orange more of the primary, and if they do in fact, plan to phase out teal completely, it will be one TERRIBLE logo... A marlin can't be orange obviously . KC Jayhawk
  12. Yes, you are correct. It's from the statue "The Scout" which overlooks the city: Sorry about that... Speedy beat me to it!
  13. Interesting how it seems like a holiday is now becoming an excuse to do a spin on uniforms... I can understand Puerto Rico being represented on Miami's uniforms, but I don't get Detroit at all. Maybe I'm missing something.
  14. 1. L 2. E 3. B The Billls concept is maybe my favorite I'ver ever seen on the site. KC Jayhawk
  15. Amen, EZ Street. The comparison of UHL's Outlaws to KC's potential hockey fanbase is ridiculous. They played in Kemper Arena, a tough draw for ANY game, the owner's brain was made of mashed potatoes, and they were hardly publicized. Give us an NHL team and we'll see how that works out. As far as the relocation is concerned, i will feel somewhat guilty if we do in fact make this happen. Flatout, Pittsburgh is, at the moment, more of a hockey town than Kansas City, we just haven't gotten a chance yet. I'm fine with keeping the "Penguins" nickname, but I'd rather a new identity. I think Scouts would be a great way to go, also, something I think would really be cool, and has rarely (if ever) been used, is the nickname "Navigators" because of how important the area's rivers were in our city's beginning, and to Lewis & Clark, who passed through here. Even though it wouldn't be my favorite, because I hate nicknames not ending in "s", I think Kansas City Switchmen would be cool because of our tie to rail freight transportation. It helped create our city, and today we're the second leading rail freight trafficer in the country. Our city is on the rise with help from the Sprint Center and the new on-the-rise downtown it's in, Kansas City seems like a great fit, despite what the common belief would be. KC Jayhawk
  16. when ku had the template... it was by far the best set of unis in the country IMO.
  17. THE SURF???? That sounds like a soccer team or AAA baseball...the NFL does not do Singular namea and never will!!!!!! Why would the colts move??? They're already building a new indoor stadium similar to Ford Field
  18. Sure, I'll probably only go to one game a season (maybe I'm getting ahead of myself), but either way I think this is a start. NHL or NBA just give us a big-time tenant for the Sprint Center. The development here in KC is astounding; a new arena, stadium renovations, light rail, and an entertainment district, but IMO you have to be a major league town for most of those to be effective, and that's where we're headed. I do like the idea of black and gold to match Sprint, and I think it could be likely, particularly if they keep their name, the Sting... Though it matches Mizzou. KC Jayhawk
  19. the jerseys could've definately been better executed, but either way, Huggy and his boys can have fun trying to hang with the Hawks.
  20. You can tell here that the Alouettes do, in fact, use the LCF logo right at the neck:
  21. for some reason it reminds me of like nfl blitz. though it was an amazing game.
  22. I still think they should put "Los Angeles" on the aways, even though Dodgers fans would get kinda nutty about it. KC Jayhawk
  23. I see the seven, but if that's a 6 in the middle, and that's what it's intended for, then i think it would be safe to say i made better sixes in preschool. KC Jayhawk