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  1. Is it fair to put Newton in the same position as Tebow last year? "Dual-threat" qb who has debatable pro skills? I wouldn't expect Newton to go in the first round, but I think somebody will fall in love with him and take him at the end of the round.
  2. Saints: Lose the Secondary logo on the hip, the extra piping on the front, and the fdl behind the number. I love the iron on the sleeves, it's a great regional touch without being tacky. Eagles: Lose the logo on the hip and make the pants stripe straight down as opposed to wrapping at the knee. Panthers: I'm not feeling this version. I totally agree that the Panthers need a new set, but imagine what that jersey is going to look like a huge lineman. I'm cool with the pants, but the jersey needs something else.
  3. I'm really glad the Bridgemen came up, although I wouldn't call them pimp jackets. More of a banana rain slicker. I can't imagine marching in that come finals week(season ends tomorrow).
  4. West Chester University class of 2011(god willing) right here. As for the entire system, I think it's all a matter of what you want out of college. Most of the state schools are the only attractions around(2 of them being kept open simply to keep the towns economically viable rumor has it) but no reason to toss them under the bus like that. As for Ship's logo, very solid! The color scheme is a bit of let down in practice, but it's definitely solid.
  5. I think it would be interesting to increase the size of the flag both front and back, and put the name in one of the white stripes.
  6. I believe the Yankees have said they may go after Lee in the offseason but they don't want to raid the farm system to get him in a trade. The lack of a trade for Sabathia when he ultimately went to Milwaukee was cited as precedent. As for why Philly traded him, the response I've gotten when asking Philly fans is that Lee got traded to free up room for extensions for position players as well as to get some prospects back they sent away in the Halladay deal. I still don't buy this logic but that's the story I've heard. As for where he could go of the previously mentioned teams: Philly- Maybe a season rental, I can't see them locking him up considering his rate and their financial commitments coming up. St. Louis- Season rental, with what they're paying Holliday and going to have to pay Pujols, I don't see them trying to lock-up Lee. Mets- totally possible. They're in the race and have no problem tossing money around it seems, rotation needs help and a 1-2 of Santana-Lee would be great. Rangers- would they get hamstrung by the ownership situation? I think they would go for an extension to complete the deal. Rays- Season rental perhaps, I think there's been too much talk of them letting players they already have walk at the end of the year because they can't pay them. Would they let Crawford walk to sign Lee with how good their staff is already?
  7. What is that grimace mates with Rorschach thing in the first mountain lions pic?
  8. Cavs are shopping Mo Williams and Delonte West apparently. I guess Cleveland is trying to show LBJ that they're still trying to retool and put a contender around him, but I can't imagine anybody is going to give them much for either player. Assuming the Cavs lose out on Lebron, what kind of team do they have next year? They have some talent, but are they a playoff team?
  9. I know it's not practical in the slightest, but I think it's better to be one of three schools with no nickname than pick something as obvious as "wolves". At least it's not wildcats though.
  10. I've been staring at the Cav's logo previously discussed, and is it just me or does it not make sense spatially? The hilt is in front of the wordmark, the blade is pointed away, but still pokes through. I guess I've never thought about it before because they're always in 2nd mediums, but is the "Cavaliers" in that logo supposed to be a banner that has depth or am I just crazy?
  11. So the topic of who would be active in terms of dealing before the draft came up in conversation, and I'm curious what you guys think could play out. I think Washington absolutely takes Wall, but I could see Philly trading out of the number 2 if they were given the right offer.
  12. I don't know how much the Cowboys "own" silver. I think it would be an interesting look with this set and I'd like to see it. With that said, the uni is solid but I agree the current wings look a lot better. Even going halfway as detailed would be really helpful.
  13. Regarding the Suns "Los Suns" jerseys To save a click, the Spurs were totally on board and would've joined in if they could. A state legislature doesn't always reflect players and personnel who happen to work there.
  14. Overall it's very busy. -The red outline on the feather looks awkward sticking out under the contrast band. -The NOB being under the number seems more basketball than baseball to me. -the tomahawks on the hat look really cool, but I think it would look better with one blue instead of the two-tone look. I think these could be really clean, but it would mean scrapping a lot of what makes this concept this concept.