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  1. Speaking for my brother who has started out working for Disney running the light show at the Japanese exhibit at Epcot Centre almost 20 years ago and is now President of Entertainment at Disneyland in California, go F*** yourself, using a shovel and some sand. You obviously have not even the slightest clue about the relationship between ESPN and Disney. ESPN has been the biggest moneymaker for Disney since Disney acquired it, and it has been ESPN, NOT Disney who has called the shots in their relationship up to this point. I bet you like to dress up in a clown suit and chainsaw puppies in half, don'tcha? You probably delight in going up to kids during the holidays and telling them that there isn't really a Santa Claus. I'd sure hate to be your kids.
  2. Were these just freak incidents, or is something up with the turf at the Rogers Centre? Nah, you can tear your Achilles simply walking down the street, you don't have to be doing excessive movements. Sometimes it just goes. The best part about tearing an Achilles is that if you're lucky you can actually see the tendon roll all the way back up the leg. Quite sweet.
  3. First off, that's hardly what I'd call extreme weather as it is the normal weather pattern for that particular area. Secondly, you a fool for grouping Miami, Houston and Phoenix together as if they all have exactly the same weather patterns, which I can assure you they do not. Thirdly, why do the Marlins need a domred/roofed/covered stadium since they've been doing fine without one for over 15 years? Finally, the proposed stadium is craptasically hideous.
  4. "Keep it real." What the hell does that even mean??!! Are they supposed to have stories about athletes shooting passersby and dealing drugs down on the corner and reminiscing about their gang-banging days and how flabulous those times were and much they miss them and wish they could go back?
  5. How are two crappy teams playing a football game supposed to "heal the nation?" I'm supposed to feel uplifted because a bunch of guys run up and down a field, tackle each other and occasionally grab each others asses? That's supposed to make me feel better? That's supposed to make me ignore the fact that it's going to take well over $1,000,000,000 to repair/replace everything that was damaged by hurricane Katrina? Someone's seriously delusional, and it ain't me.
  6. What's funny about that is that back in the 1990's that's what everyone was saying about the AFC, that no team form the AFC would ever win another Super Bowl, and now the pendulum has more or less swung back to the AFC being where the best teams in the NFL are. Oh yeah, Patriots will 3-peat and cement their place as one of the top 2 teams in NFL history, and Brady and Belichek will ensure their status as first ballot hall of famers.
  7. I recall that HBO did a two-part series on the history of sports on TV back in the early 1990's with profiles of the most famous sportscasters, and one of them was Chris Schenkel. One of his comments was about how during his coverage of one football game he said "(Insert name of player here) got faked out of his jock on that play." Later that week he got a letter from that player and it said, "Chris, we call them athletic supporters." Schenkel wrote back, "I wouldn't know, I never wore one."
  8. It's not a claim. It's the truth. Gehrig was a total dickface, but if you want to perpetuate an utter lie, that's your burden to bear and you'll have to answer to Og for it. Oh yeah, and Stengel was no sweethart either. Yet another invention of the media who fostered an image of of him as the loveable grandfather who forgets things and mixes up words. Meanwhile they say nothing of his petty hatreds and playing favorites. Not a total scumhound, but he ranks right up there alongside Pete Rose.
  9. Finally, someone, namely David Wells, has stepped up to defend Kenny Rogers and his actions. About time.
  10. Gehrig was actually a pretty huge dickface, but all of that got couched over after he was found to be sick and everyone started feeling sorry for him. And Lasorda is also a big-time .
  11. Enjoy playing character assasination, do we?
  12. Please. The Patriots have quite clearly been the single best team in the NFL the past two seasons, and they have yet to lose a must win game. As for their not having any sure-fire Hall of Famers on the team, apparently you haven't listened or read what the vast majority of NFL writers and broadcasters have been saying about Tom Brady, which is that he is a first ballot H0F, with Bellicick sure to get his turn in Canton.
  13. Please. The cameraman could quite easily have quit being a nuisance and either pointed the camera away from Rogers or taken the camera off their shoulder and placed it on the ground. But no, they deliberately chose to act like a Cockweed and now refuse to take any responsibilty for their actions. Figures. And if the cameraman had an injured neck then what the hell was he doing lugging around a camera that weighs at least 15 pounds and thereby placing even more pressure on his already injured and strained neck?? That's just ludicrously stupid.
  14. Fans already cheer at tennis matches, but these Ass Clowns haven't bothered to notice. They obviously just want to be able to shriek drunken obscenities at players without fear of getting tossed out on their asses, which is what should happen to them. All of their ideas suck ass. All. Of. Them.
  15. The title of this thread is disengenuous at best and an outright lie no matter what. Rogers never physically touched either cameraman. Ever. What he did touch and assault were the actual cameras themselves, which last time I checked, weren't a physical part of the cameraman's body.