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  1. It looks better on the field, than in pictures.The numbers to look a little clunky though.
  2. I was in Memphis in 2018 and went to a Suns / Grizzlies game. I saw someone wearing a Dragan Bender Suns jersey, who was statistically the worst player in the entire NBA, and likely still may be.
  3. Surprised that the Cardinals AAA team has not been mentioned. The old Louisville Redbirds were their team from 1984-1997 Then, when AAA expanded, the Cardinals wanted to be with the new team in Memphis, so the Memphis Redbirds were born. This was their original look: Later, they updated their wordmark, going to a script but keeping the single bird: Later, the Cardinals purchased the team and turned them into a Cardinals clone (Similar to their Palm Beach and Springfield affiliates): The Cardinals sold the team, and the franchise wanted a more "Memphis" themed look, but kept the colors and went to their current look (Which includes the amazing M as a music note as the alternate hat): As part of their current set, they wear these BEAUTIFUL powder blue alternates on Sunday, which they actually introduced BEFORE the Cardinals got their current powder blue set.
  4. Stay tuned...
  5. Pretty much everything you say here is the opposite of the truth. Button-ups have fat more room for movement than pullovers, and I say that as someone who's worn both. There's no more practicality with pullovers. And please stop with the BS about other leagues wearing pullover jerseys. You can't compare one sport to another. Each sport has its reasons/practicality or history/tradition for wearing the types of uniforms that they do.What practical reason is there for buttons? When you work out, do you wear a button up shirt? No, you probably wear a t-shirt. Baseball is indeed a sport. While it's a sport that is steeped in tradition, there is no practial reason to have buttons other than a sense of nostalgia. And, yes, I've worn both button up jerseys as well as pull over jerseys to play in. A pull over jersey is more comfortable. I'm not against button up jerseys - I love the traditional look. I just think there is a valid reason to consider the alternative and it would be nice to see a few teams adopt it.
  6. I like pullovers. When it comes to the game itself, I'm a traditionalist (I prefer no DH, no interleague play, no wild card, stirrups and short baseball pants), but with uniforms I don't see the point of button up jerseys in this day and age. Every other sport wears a pullover jersey. It's easier to make logos / wordmarks with no buttons to get in the way, and there can be more freedom of movement in a pullover jersey rather than one with buttons. I like the look of the button up jerseys, but they are less practical now.
  7. Beat me to it... So this makes two series with navy caps. Both vs red teams (Philly and Reds), but they wore red in AZ vs the red cap clad DBacks. So...it has no rhyme or reason to it.
  8. Most of the jackets and stuff are hand me downs from the MLB affiliate. They were worn in previous seasons. I personally like the MLB affiliate patches, I think it adds a cool element to the MiLB jersey. What I didn't like, was in 2011 when the Giants affiliates wore the World Series Champions patches on their uniforms. Those teams didn't win the World Series! This year, the Cardinals farm clubs (At least AAA Memphis and AA Springfield) are wearing the Stan Musial memorial patch, which I think is a cool gesture.
  9. Well...except for this crap Actually, no. Still better than the tight fitting crap worn 15-20 years ago. Wish I had these when I played. I still think this looks better
  10. Padres - Brown / yellow. I agree that their current look is so lifeless and boring. Reds - dump the black Angels - Change the name back to California Angels and go back to the early 90's look with the "CA: on the caps, but put the halo on top like their original caps had. Cardinals - Road - Navy caps, St Louis on the jerseys. Alternate - Cardinals script, and wear the early Musial era caps with them - Navy crown, red STL, red bill similar to the current BP caps. Rays - go back to the dark green / light blue Astros - shooting star on home unis Giants - get rid of SAN FRANCISCO road jersey and switch the alternate SF grays to the full time road jersey. Phillies - Current look but use maroon instead of red Diamondbacks - Return to their original colors Nationals - move to Montreal, change name to Expos, change navy blue to royal blue, use pinwheel style caps. Pirates - Bring back pillbox caps Royals - powder blue road uniforms, jerseys and pants. Metallic gold trim on uniform lettering on both home and road. Twins - Get rid of home white pinstripe uni and use alternate cream as primary home uni. Braves - Get rid of the navy jersey and road cap. Cubs - Bring back red bill road cap
  11. The Suns are, in fact, getting new uniforms. They changed the SUNS wordmark and slightly changed the PHX bird logo (which is technically their secondary logo, even though they rarely use the Sunburst primary logo on anything anymore). The strange thing is that they didn't make the uniform change the same season as the logo / wordmark changes. So, just like everything that Robert Sarver does, their change appears half assed.
  12. Umm, the Pirates are coming TO St. Louis tomorrow. It's a home game, so yeah, red caps at home. They played IN Pittsburgh last week, wore red caps. Yeah, I just realized that after I typed the post. My bad.
  13. Navy caps in Philly, red caps in DC, now on to Pittsburgh...do they stick with red because navy is too close to the Pirates black? This is getting ridiculous. Navy road 100% of the time is the only acceptable solution.
  14. Yet they wore red vs. Arizona, another red team, in the first series of the season. There is no rhyme or reason. They need to stop experimenting and stick with red home / navy road how it's supposed to be.