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  1. Exactly. Here is my combo from 2004 seen in various posts over the years. GREAT COMBO ! I like the "Neon", "bright"... jersey ! it's really cool on the field with pants & helmet. but of course, it's hard for me to walk in the street with a Neon green jersey !
  2. Ok for Green. But why Brick red ? it's an Astros color. No sense with Seattle. Got some Pics ??
  3. francis

    MLB 2009

    Will the padres Camo coolbase be the same as last years camo jersey ?
  4. On James Shields pics, it looks like the "TB" on the hat is just white on white... weird !!!
  5. Any new BP jersey or Hat in 2009 ??
  6. it will be great !!! it can be a "very special edition jersey" as a thank to the home of the rays, the city of St.Pete light blue jersey with name, number & brim in navy & yellow (+ white) but instead of "RAYS" the wordmark "St.Petersburg". Not going to happen - they're not going to snub Tampa like that. They treat both cities the same in all counts, since they have to consider both cities their home. i think so... but it can be a good idea to have an additional jersey and to change the road gray : - BP : navy / rays - Home : white / Rays - Road : gray / Tampa Bay (better than "Rays" again, as they actually wore) - Home & Road alternate : light blue / St.Petersburg (wore on sunday home game & special road game)
  7. One word, AWESOME! I'd like to see the Rays have something like this as an alternate. it will be great !!! it can be a "very special edition jersey" as a thank to the home of the rays, the city of St.Pete light blue jersey with name, number & brim in navy & yellow (+ white) but instead of "RAYS" the wordmark "St.Petersburg".
  8. Navy with light blue Bill... it can be nice !!! But what's on the front ? the plain TB or a special design for the BP ? Thanks for the answer. i'm still looking for some pictures...
  9. i just read on that the Rays had 2 BP hats : home & away did someone knows what will be the difference between the 2 cap ? thanks
  10. How is the Rays BP Hat : TB without ray (animal) like the new home game hat or with a R for rays with the sunshine ray ? You got a pics ? thanks
  11. and don't forget the "french heritage" touch for " Les Saints de la Nouvelle Orléans" (keep gold pant & helmet / dark blue jersey / additional colors : red & white) About that... i just see on ebay a Louisiana Tech throwback hat. colors : Light Blue (baby blue? powder Blue?) & Red Quebec Nordiques (alternate logo was a fleur de lys like NoLa) uesd the same combo color and got the same heritage. french=acadian=cajun Let's go Bayou Boys ! Geaux Saints !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Interesting you mention purple...because for a real brief time I actually discussed with my comrade skyAA1 the possibility of swapping out all the black for a really deep, really dark purplish hue, for the very same reason you mentioned (the tie-in to Mardi Gras)...but, the thing about that is that there's another team in the NFL that--no, actually three--that use those colors, gold and purple. One uses a yellow for its gold; the other uses Vegas with its purple. So, gold and the familiar black it is. For now... you're talking about Vikings & ravens. Ravens had a black helmet & Vikings a Purple one (& vikings purple is lighter). Just remove all the black for purple. Try the change : 1) Keep Gold helmet 2) Use a dark purple (like rockies) for the jersey 3) gold pant 4) stripes on pant & helmet : purple/white/purple i think it can be a great combo. i'm not a designer so i let you do that you're better for that. and don't forget the "french heritage" touch for " Les Saints de la Nouvelle Orléans" (keep gold pant & helmet / dark blue jersey / additional colors : red & white)
  13. This a great concept but what about a real color change ? Ad some Purple to the black/gold (purple=mardi gras, old NO Jazz, NO Voodoo...) or use some blue. Blue ? Why ?? Because of the french heritage in Louisiana (blue, red, white are the french flag colors). Cleveland Cavaliers colors can be great for the saints : Navy blue, red & vegas gold. Or the quebec nordiques colors : light blue, red, white (and they use a fleur de lys as there secondary logo) What do you think about that change.... GEAUX SAINTS !!!
  14. i love the white helmet too. the Gold set is great and unique. he's my favourite. Black jersey with white pants is coming at second place. maybe you can proposed this concept to the saints organization... great job you guys ! GEAUX SAINTS !!!
  15. Who knows what will be the change on the Padres BP jersey & hats ??? Thanks
  16. it can be the new Rays uniforms and logos ??? it's so boring... minor league soccer team have a better identity ! who's the designer ? did the rays organisation find him in Tchetchenia or it's Santa's elf (because of the christmas star on the R) ????? seriously, everyone can do better than that !!! i remember all the great concept on the redesign the rays topics. Green was so unused in the MLB... why changed for this stuff ??? and they need 2 years of reflexion for that ??? it makes me sick !!!!!!!!!! Ok for removing the "devil" (too long name) but the new wordmark is so classicly boring. and the logo looks so unprofessional. want to change colors... why not ? just ad old gold to the green and black like the Dallas Stars and you got a great color scheme. thanks god i have the current Home, road & BP jersey (+ hats). i will spend no money for this new stuff... flavorless !!! if it's really the final new Rays identity, my only hope is a relocation to New Orléans in few years with New logos, name & uniforms who really kicks ass!!!! Louisiana Cajuns !!! Geaux Tigers ! LSU NCAA n°1
  17. Great concept i love it !!! Put a Baseball instead of the basketball and you got Louisiana's MLB expension team !
  18. Why not keeping Green and Blue, reverse the order and take a lighter green. Same color scheme as Vancouver : it's not used by any MLB team and i love so much the New Canucks Jersey !!!! One of the best in NHL !
  19. Now that we know about the BP & game Hats, does anyone knows if they got new Gamer Jackets & new Dugout Jackets ?? Diamondbacks it's sure... but the other teams ?
  20. i propose the Hyenas idea for a team identity as concept few weeks ago, but no answer... i'm happy to see you making this Hyenas concept, but please take a look at a real hyenas pictures : it's looks more like a dog (but it's not from the "canidean" race) and your hyena looks like a cheeta or like some savage cat. I love the script and the "C" but the logo ??? Please update the face and you will have a powerful team identity concept !!!
  21. francis

    Jersey Wallpaper

    Wow the Mets wallpaper are really cool... great job. Thanks for all the Mets fans all over the world!!! M ! E ! T ! S ! METS ! METS ! METS !!!
  22. francis

    Jersey Wallpaper

    What about the Mets concept ??? M-E-T-S... METS ! METS !! METS !!!!
  23. FFF = Federation Fran*aise de Football (french football federation) but i like the :censored:ing French Frauleins ! what about FFF = Fist F***ing Ferein
  24. I want to purchase some Mets stuff ... but i dont know if i better have to wait for the new collection (BP gamer jacket, dugout elevation premiere BP jacket...) ? if they got a new collection for 2007 ? got some informations ? does anyone sees the new BP hats ??
  25. I like the Mets one.. Got an idea for the METS in 2K8 : Switch batting Practice with home / road Alternate - Black for the BP - Blue for the Game Alternate jersey All people will be happy so : - Blue jersey for the real "true Blue" Mets fan - Black jersey for the one who loves the fashionable jersey GO METS !!!