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  1. I live in Rochester, and the Bills are the "local" team here. Obviously we're talking purely hypothetical, but if Brady had come to Buffalo, there's no way he'd be allowed to wear 12. Jim Kelly is like royalty here - they wouldn't "un-retire" his number for anyone, let alone Brady (who's been a sworn enemy for almost 20 years). Now, Kelly is a stand-up guy, and is gracious enough that he'd probably allow it, but the fans would never stand for it.
  2. The similarity to the Atlanta Hawks logo was definitely the first thing that struck me when I saw the "bird" logo. Green, black and white could be a good color combo, if done correctly, but this green appears to be a drab olive/moss/forest green, which doesn't seem to provide enough contrast with the black. I don't know, perhaps I'll reserve judgment until I see the uniforms.
  3. For those interested in buying team-spec authentics - I've had great luck at MLB team stores (at the stadium), especially to find game-used or team-spec gear at reasonable prices. Although I don't live close to an MLB ballpark, last season I attended an Orioles game, and their team store had a huge selection of game-worn and team-issued jerseys for $50, $75, and $100 (depending on popularity of player). If you don't care about whose name or number is on it, these can be a great bargain. I had a similar experience in Toronto, although those were a bit more expensive - in the $100 - $150 range. These types of prices can often be found on eBay too, so you don't necessarily have to go to a team store in-person. This even holds true in minor league cities. I live in Rochester, NY (home of the Red Wings). Red Wings new team-spec (Russell's coolbase equivalent) jerseys are $246 at the team store. But they have game-used jerseys in the back for $75 and $100. Good luck!
  4. As a Rochesterian, I can chime in on the "Plates" theme and the Garbage Plate. I'm not sure where it came from that plates have beans... they hardly ever do. They're almost always a base of homefries (similar to french fries), and a creamy macaroni salad, topped with two cheeseburger patties and meat-based hot sauce. There are sometimes substitutions - e.g. you can generally get them with hot dogs instead of hamburger patties, etc., but the "traditional" (and most common) plate is the homefries, mac salad, cheeseburger patties and hot sauce. The meat-based hot sauce is unique to Rochester. It has a complex flavor and is spicy, meaty, and often has other ingredients like nutmeg and/or cinnamon. The "traditional" way to top a plate is with yellow mustard and fresh chopped onions. The original garbage plate was created at local restaurant Nick Tahou's, and celebrated its 100th anniversary last year (hence the Red Wings adopting the temporary moniker of "Plates" in recognition of this anniversary). Many restaurants serve their own variations on the theme - "Trash Plate", "Rubbish Plate", etc., but over the years the menu item has been more or less genericized to "Plate." If you say to a fellow Rochesterian "Let's go get a plate", you know what each other are talking about. Similarly, in Buffalo (or in Rochester), Wings are simply called "Wings". No one says "Let's go out for Buffalo Wings" or for "Chicken Wings" - that would be considered redundant.
  5. As a Rochesterian who goes to many Rochester Red Wings games, I love this! It's a really neat way to honor the heritage of the early team names (there are more of these types of promotions to come), while putting a modern twist on it, uniform-wise. The team had great success with its "Rochester Plates" promotion that began last year (and has continued this year), and I'm sure this promotion will be very successful as well. I'll be at the "Hop Bitters" game!
  6. Yes, agreed! You can see the red crown clearly, just above Mauer's ears (below the "censored" part).
  7. I like your uni concepts, but I tend to think the words "DIAMONDBACKS" and "ARIZONA" will be in the new font:
  8. The Rochester Red Wings (AAA Minnesota Twins affiliate) unveiled their new 2014 uniforms today: http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20140328&content_id=70312384&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_t534&sid=t534&tcid=fb_article_70312384 The road jersey (with block "ROCHESTER") remains unchanged, and has been used since 2008. The home uni (white) and Sunday/BP jersey (black) are new. Although I'm not really sold on the new black jersey, I love the new home uni. Simple, modern, classic. A definite upgrade from their last set! As an aside, myself and other members of the Rochester Baseball Historical Society (RochesterBaseballHistory.org) contributed the historical jerseys for the backdrop.
  9. The Rochester Red Wings (AAA Minnesota Twins affiliate) will be unveiling their new uniforms this Friday (3/28).
  10. As a die-hard Yankee fan, I'm a little torn on the subject of an alternate. While I agree that the pinstripes are part of the identity and part of the experience that people come to see, that doesn't mean that there's no room for an alt. For example, one way to go would be to adopt a plain navy (with interlocking NY) jersey and only wear it as a road alt. That way people who come to Yankee Stadium still get to see the pinstripes, but they can change things up on the road. Similarly, what about a throwback home alt? Like the 1915 home - the jersey could be cream colored and could be paired with the pinstriped hat. Too late for 2014, but would be cool as a "here's what we wore 100 years ago" thing in 2015.
  11. As a Rochesterian and huge Red Wings fan, I, as well as many others, judging by the team's Facebook page, was incredibly disappointed in this new logo set. Rochester's baseball roots date to 1825, with professional baseball dating to 1877, the oldest franchise in minor league baseball. The team is terrible at embracing that history, and this is just the latest sad chapter. The character ("Spikes") is fine as a mascot, but why does he have to be the basis of the team's entire identity system? I, for one, was so glad to hear of a logo update - I figured it would be the end of "Spikes", who has befouled our hats for 17 years. Unfortunately that was not the case. Such a missed opportunity. The Wings' Facebook page is lighting up with negative comments. The fans aren't embracing this new look. There are a lot of traditionalists here. As an aside, the only of these three caps that I would consider buying, the BP, wasn't available for purchase at the unveiling event, and I was told that it would not be until March.
  12. Today at 4:00 the Rochester Red Wings (AAA / Minnesota) will unveil their new logo. <link>
  13. Rochester Red Wings (AAA affiliate / Minnesota Twins) will be unveiling a new logo (and merchandise) at a fan event on 11/1/13 at 3:30 PM.
  14. @Grubstreet - they had a version of the "FC" hats available this past season in the team store. They're currently selling them online (click here). It's New Era's "29Twenty" model, which is cotton, like a 47 hat. If it's the 5950 you're looking for, they do show up (used) on ebay occasionally. Hope that helps...