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  1. This was posted on a Bills board today That's all
  2. don't normally request - but a Bills one would be fantastic. these are great
  3. cheers all... it's a thought in progress... I'll see if I can do more to improve on this... will take me a while.
  4. The one on the right is SOOOOO much better of a base and gives you much more room to work... As another poster has said, I would extend those eye stripes down the neck a little more and make the bottom stripe look less like a leaf. I also still not sure about the eyes. IMO you need to put more effort into the iris. If you look at the pictures the eyes are relatively large compared to the face, and here you have them as tiny white dots. Really good effort though. I wish I was half as talented as you!
  5. Does anyone have anything constructive to say?
  6. All I see is an Otter... What I think you are missing is what makes an Ocelot an Ocelot: eye stripes... I think you need to use MUCH less black, and find a way to use the black to work in those specific two stripes on the side of their head. When I think Ocelot I think of their eye region - so focus on that and you'll have something that is discernibly an Ocelot.
  7. cheers all - i'm trying to simplify the current logo... what i have tried to do is take the concept of a bison head that is charging... I think most of you get that... how can I build on it without adding too much unneccessary detail? for reference - take a look at an old buffalo bisons logo...
  8. Hi all - my quest to update and improve the Bills logo is still on. I've had another stab at a logo... C&C very welcome as I have come to a bit of a mental block with this now... FYI - the background is grey just because... N EDIT: slight tweak - red background too to show how it would look against helment background EDIT 2: and now with a curved stripe and horn detail
  9. so - I am trying to come up with a snakes head that might suit this logo. My plan would be to overlay it on the stripe layer. I'me hopeless as drawing - so your help honing this early snake attempt would be useful...
  10. Based on C&C so far here are two updates. I'm still after the Snake logo in vector format - which will complete the somewhat barer designs of the first two....
  11. Here's where I am at so far... C&C please. I'm not finished though... I am trying to track down a vector version of the Don't Tread On Me snake logo. Not sure if this is a proprietary Nike logo or not...
  12. WHERE can I get a vector version of that cracking name logo? I am working on a US SOCCER concept of my own and would love to use it... N