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  1. Thanks guys. I will for surely do those changes when I get the time. Thanks a million.
  2. Home Away 3rd to come. Coments? PS. Its my Fantasy Team from NHL 2004 taking place of the Pens. More here.
  3. Where is the red?!?!?! :: Awsome jersey pal! What programs did u use for that. And do u mind sending me that Tamplate?
  4. Does anyone know when more of them are going to be made? It says NHL WAVE 2 NEXT SEASON. Is that this season? And when might we get to see them? They make wicked logos just hope they stay away from the O.6 teams unless they arnt to flashy like Boston.
  5. Ok. I got 5 of the logos. I dont know if I should post em. It sounds like you guys have some project going so I would not want to screw it up. I have NYR, BOSTON, KINGS, BLUES AND NY. Just tell me if you want em and I will post em. I can get all the logos but it will take me more time.
  6. The Jersey bites as shown on thursday when Savard bit Tucker.
  7. Might have been shown before on these boards but I was going through the site and came over this. I had never seen it before on there. I dont know if its new but my god...Im so happy that was not on the ice. Info on the jersey.... On January 27, 1996, the NHL rolled out its Third Jersey program. Five teams -- the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks -- took to the ice that night wearing distinctively-designed jerseys. As you can see from the image to the left, we can all be glad the St. Louis Blues were not among those introducing third jerseys that season. The jerseys were ready to go, until coach Mike Keenan refused to have his team dress in these monstrosities. (For the record, the image on the front of the jersey was not hand-drawn by yours truly.) "The jerseys were ready to go, until coach Mike Keenan refused to have his team dress in these monstrosities." HAHAHA That Keenan all right. HAHAHA Sorry if this was posted before.
  8. And I thought Dallas' was bad.....
  9. I cant wait!
  10. Yes if you guys dont alreay know I cant spell at all.