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  1. NFC East - Washington Redskins NFC North - Chicago Bears NFC South - Carolina Panthers NFC West - Los Angeles Rams AFC East - Buffalo Bills AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South - Jacksonville Jaguars AFC West - Oakland Raiders
  2. No I mean behind the scenes look into trades and free agent signings.....thanks for the response though.
  3. Sorry to make a whole post asking but does anybody know of where I can find some behind the scenes stories or videos dealing with trades and free agent signings? Id appreciate any help.
  4. I absolutely cannot stand the cleveland sh1ts but I do want them to be competative so Steeler-brownies games would mean something to the standings aswell. So maybe they should look into Matt Leinart or Matt Flynn.
  5. As a Pitt fan I am sorta mad he left aswell. I think that Pitt and Cincy could become a pretty good rivalry but with Kelly leaving who knows how Cincy will be with their new head coach. I know this all happened recently but is their any coaches linked to Cincy yet from any credible sources? I understand Kelly couldn't come out and say when Weis was fired that he would take the job and all that but maybe he could have let his players know what he was probally going to be doing. He wasn't as bad as Saban or Petrino but you could tell by some of the players comments that it wasn't discussed a whole lot. On a side note I wanted Urban Meyer to go to ND just because I like alot of offseason moves which is a little odd because I am happy that Randy Edsall didn't get the job so maybe he can become maybe just maybe a Bowden/Paterno type at UCONN......which brings me to a question for anyone that wouldn't mind answering....people that are mad at Kelly, would you guys be mad at Edsall too if he left his team after this years murder and all. Alot of people may have said he left his team hanging emotionally and all that. Its a little far fetched but I was just wondering. Another side seems as though Butch Davis is pretty secure in NC but how about Tom O'Brien at NC State? I just think that if NC State would become avalible before a nice NFL job that Bill Cowher would jump on that quick and more than likely instantly make NC State a school that could become one of the top schools....who knows with some crossover coaches not working out but I think Cowher would do great in NCAA.
  6. Personally I don't see the Steelers taking a safety with Clark and hopefully a healthy Polamalu next year, unless they pick a versatile safety that could play safety or corner. I think a cornerback or offensive lineman will be a first round pick for us. I could see us taking another defensive lineman before a safety, but who knows. I wish we had Casey "Big Snack" Hampton under wraps for a few more years so we couldve tried to package him with our first round pick, Limas Sweed,and some other draft picks to get chance especially since Hampton is a free agent after this year and probaly would have never been thought of anyway lol
  7. Isn't that Russian guys supposed to buy the Nets anyways? From what i've read the Russian would want the move aswell. I could be talking out my arse though as I don't even remember the guys name.
  8. Pirates sign former Oakland A's SS Bobby Crosby to a one year deal worth a million and around 500K in bonuses. thanks to As a Irate Fan I actually liked Cedeno at SS for us last year but who knows maybe Crosby can get it going again, from looking at his stats last year they weren't pretty at all. They Pirates could get some jersey sales going if he wears 87 though lol.
  9. About how people rank the bowl games I always thought the Cotton Bowl and Capital One Bowls were after the BCS bowls. The Gator Bowl isn't far behind but really none of them matter without a play off. IM MAD PITT COULDN'T HOLD CINCY DOWN FOR THAT MATCHUP WITH FLORIDA.....not that Pitt would have gotten the same game, I don't really know how that works out but I really wanted to see how Pitt would do against one of the powerhouses.
  10. Here in Western Pennsylvania, the WPIAL semi-finals have Beaver Falls vs Aliquippa....Beaver Falls is my home town and all that good stuff and Aliquippa is our biggest rivals. We seem to play them every year in the playoffs. That coupled with the fact that both squads play every year in the regular season, make for a pretty hated/great rivalry. I can't find the actual number of times in a row that have met in the playoffs but it has to atleast be at 4. Its the same with Beaver Falls/Aliquippa basketball aswell.
  11. I own that beauty....I payed 25 bucks for it at a local store in Beaver Falls, Pa. I heard that their was one that said CITY OF CHAMPIONS with a picture of both James Harrison and Marc Andre-Fluery. I have looked everywhere for that shirt and i'm starting to think it doesn't exist, has anyone else heard of it? I haven't seen anyone around here with it yet but I haven't been to Pittsburgh in awhile to know if their wearin it their.
  12. Man the Red Wings worry me even when we have a lead. Atleast we have some momentum to work with.
  13. Its sad but it he wasn't in good health at all..... I think 75% of Pittsburgh turned the T.V. down for his commentary REST IN PARADISE MYRON COPE
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew where to download Football and Baseball mogul for free......I know they were letting people download Baseball 07 but they stopped....if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated
  15. no offense to the guy above me but I feel that sports is one of the most important things in life. It enables somebody to feel apart of somethin even without actually participating or making any decisions. It can pick you up when your down, some more but im too lazy to describe them all. I think its healthy to have love like that for a team.....especially when the whole family is apart of it.