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  1. We focus on High School helmets for the most part, but here are some that we did this year... Oklahoma Christian School Newcastle High School Southmoore High School Broken Arrow High School And their Alternate Choctaw High School Yukon High School Westmoore White Helmet Sorry everyone, I can't seem to get the links to work with the "Insert other media" button...
  2. You're right about that pic... here are a few from the Fiesta Bowl vs ND, and all of the stripes seem to have a decal cut.
  3. I know they painted the "Dark Knight" shells, but as far as I can tell tOSU used stripes on their traditional helmets. Here's a good shot of Zeke in the National Championship game.
  4. I've got about 400 of these things, including the Dream Team and Dream Team 2 figures still in boxes... I really wish I could get rid of them all, so if anyone is still an avid collector, let me know!
  5. On the helmet topic, I'd almost assume IF they go with a multi color fade lid, it will be more like Arkansas' helmets.
  6. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I don't think its black or navy on the stripe, I think its the same color as the underbelly of the dolphin logo (darker aqua).
  7. Well here I think it would be entirely impractical to try to match them. The new lid was intentionally designed to replicate the Golden Dome which made it much more shiny and vibrant. If they ever tried to match that look on the pants, I would probably be blinded because no pants should ever look that shiny. It would look awful. I think the problem is that the helmets are so shiny they range from almost a white/silver to a dark brown with a few shades in between as opposed to matte helmets which usually dont have a lot of color range. So naturally it's not gonna be simple or even possible to soidly match the helmet and pants. i could be wrong though, if anyone wants to do a photoshop mockup of them matching that would be interesting to see. I for one LOVE the pants, they look retro and i totally dig it. Oh and regarding their facemasks, it appears, and from reading the tweet it seems that they probably just added gold flakes to grey paint or something along those lines to give it a gold shine. The gold is actually in the "dip" that is used to coat the facemasks. USC and Baylor have also used this glitter dip on their masks. There's a company out of SC who is reconditioning helmet masks for many NCAA and NFL teams doing this.
  8. You are right... the "orange" is actually a mixture of orange and crimson to show homage to both schools, and the light blue, "Oklahoma Blue", is the same French Blue color of the Oklahoma State flag.
  9. I'd suggest Sam Bradford/Landry Jones...
  10. Along the HGI lines, I have a gamer from the Army/Navy game. The finish they did on it is a flat textured white, which to me feels like less textured rhino lining... It's very strange.
  11. Well im looking for the actual decals, I want to put them on a helmet I got....howd you get them from BG though These are actual 20 mil vinyl decals. I not want them and will part with them.
  12. I've got a set of the sides I received from BG. Email me if you'd like a scan of them.
  13. So what did we decide? 809? Sorry, a little late to the party.
  14. Im not certain about the other teams, but Im almost positive that the Browns dont "paint" thier helmets orange. They are molded out of the hard plastic material in that orange color. The stripes are decals and the shell itself is made of that orange material. No paint on it what-so-ever. You are right... Browns and Steelers are about the only ones who don't paint any more. I know for certain that the Bears and Colts do... not 100% on Chiefs.