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  1. While trolling for sports logo information, I came across a ten worst sports logos on an inventors blogspot. One of the comments was that the worst logo was the "Ithaca Troll Pigeons" who played in the forties. Anybody ever hear of them? Anybody have a pic of this supposed atrocity? Google didn't return any results. Help.
  2. Philadelphia donned white jerseys at home for the 1980 NFC championship game so the cowboys would wear the blues. I remember that as a young lad. And they won that game.
  3. There must be something for Harvard Yale. Anyone?
  4. I also think it works in baseball because the game isn't as fast. In hockey, teams in white and gray on white ice where they mix it up pretty fast would probably increase the number of giveaways because gray at a distance on white ice could look white. I agree. And there is rarely a time in baseball when teams gwt packed together. (on the boards, in the paint, on the line of scrimage, etc.) Baseball is so spread out--except during a bench clearing.
  5. They are a bit arrogant. But overall I like them. I'm ashamed to say but they make my body feel funny.
  6. I kind of think the eagle looks like it should be on a Trans-am...or a Slovakian nations flag.
  7. And remember how pale blue was popular for road jerseys in the '70's? What was that about?
  8. The Nationals/Senators reads funny. 07 WAS our year. Like a message from the future.
  9. Really like this idea and wish the schools had teams. Lasalle uses a darker blue don't they though?
  10. On MNF last night, Madden late in the 4th said he doesn't think the cowboys look like the cowboys in the retro-like uniforms. This was late when the cowboys had fell apart and while he made sure to say the uniforms weren't the reason for their loss, it didn't help either. What do you think?
  11. I'm asking this here because it is uniform related. Someone told me the tradition of hockey goalies using the number 1 or 35 comes from when teams traveled by train and the goalie's equipment took up an extra seat so he sat at either end of a train car for easy exit. Their seat number was 1 or in the hig 30's so the number stuck. In some ways it makes sense, but I was wondering if it is true?
  12. lose the black. Chocolate, silver an white are enough. lose the black. Chocolate, silver an white are enough.
  13. It also shows the history of what management looks for in a log. Cartoony, Beef-up steroid logos, Band-wagon (In this case Pirates of the Caribbean hype) tie-in logo.
  14. Good call, lol, didn't think of that at the time. Here's the updated version. Almost time for class! I'll get to the black around the numbers later. And I just realized the right arm number should be the other way if it's 96. Should the logo be the newer jets logo, the last one they used before leaving Winnipeg?
  15. I agree. The old kings jerseys were god in that scheme. But all that siler in the bull doesn't look right. The underarm curves aren't quite right either.