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    Running. Also, obscure sports apparel like the rest of you.
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    Geneseo Blue Knights primary.
  1. Picked up this Bruce Smith Champion gem at a Goodwill in Geneseo, NY. It's way too big for me (sz 52), and even so, I'm a Jets fan, so if you're interested, shoot me a PM. No signs of wear or anything. Here's a link to more pics:
  2. Reminds me of the old T-Wolves sets a little too much. The grey side panel in the away panel looks out of place too.
  3. I'm gonna give you some tough love here, these all suck. None of these are decent. All you did was use the fill tool. Put a little more creativity into the uniforms, and a little more effort cleaning them up.
  4. Found this today in my local Goodwill in lovely Geneseo, NY. $9 bucks, men's size M. Not a Rockies fan but you can't pass stuff like this up. I haven't posted in years, but I figured you guys would appreciate it. There's a few extra pictures in here:
  5. Can I get one with this logo? --> http://www.geneseo.e...all/Geneseo.jpg I'd like it to say "Blue Knights", with the background being the darker blue, the "Blue" in "Blue Knights" to be the light blue in the logo, and the "Knights" to be white. Thank you so much!
  6. . . At 0:52, (The Source Of My Venting).you can see clearly on the banner, the school's logo. Or, the St. Louis Rams logo. It's not even recolored. Don't you hate it when schools can't find the time to make an actual logo and just slap a professional teams' logo under some wordart? Sorry, i felt the need to vent about this. Feel free to post any other logos that do that ...
  7. EDIT-- Sorry, I should have put this in requests.
  8. Can someone please turn this into a cleaner and larger version? My Photoshop is going to be down for a while Thanks!!
  9. i dont ever remember the jets wearing something like this
  10. As a nugs fan, i love these, espicially that skyline logo.
  11. This is so much cleaner/better than your previous ones. I love it.
  12. jetsfan98

    Astros rebrand

    im pretty sure its been said but its too busy. you just combined 3 logos.
  13. a little plain, and the number font is too generic
  14. thanks! It looks beast. As it says in my new and improved sig, mad props.
  15. The WF helmets all have to be a lighter gold. That looks kinda camo green. And the orange should be darker in the VT helmet.