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  1. Found Borussia Dortmund 13-14 special fan jersey (I think?) and Scotland 2014 jersey...both long sleeve and both $20 each. Not my pics; I haven't had a chance to upload my own.
  2. Went by my local Dick's sporting goods today just to see what they had. They have already been selling the USA home jersey for a few weeks, but they had the away jersey this time. I went to buy it, and when they scanned it, the system told them they weren't allowed to sell it yet by request of the manufacturer (Nike). Apparently they cannot be sold until April 3rd or 4th. They wouldn't sell it to me, but said they could hold it until then. Kinda bull :censored: that they put them out on the sales floor and won't sell them.
  3. Are those field gloves for players? Do they need to text or instagram during the game?
  4. you aren't alone. i really love that uniform too.
  5. Your Timbers jersey is really sharp.
  6. Here in SC, where Braves merch is sold everywhere, there aren't any Braves BP hats for sale yet, and no one seems to know when they will be in stock. All our stores are selling Yankees (Home & Away), Red Sox, Angels, White Sox, Tigers (Away), Dodgers (Away), Reds (Away), Brewers (Throwback) and Pirates. My brother who lives in MN got me a Twins home hat, but I'm afraid of the fit, since these hats are all over the place size-wise and the crown is enormous. You really do need to try on 3 or 4 to find a decent fit.
  7. Not a thrift store find, but definitely a deal. Authentic Matt Kemp 2012 cool base away jersey for $38, found at my local sports authority, which has become an outlet with tons of deals on all kinds of odd jerseys. 2012-10-03_19-43-01_HDR by branimal9, on Flickr
  8. NJ Devils corduroy jacket - $4 MN Northstars jersey - $3 Both at Goodwill in Greenville, SC.
  9. that away jersey is really cool. i wish i had thought of that when i did an A's concept awhile back. i guess my only question would be...what color pants would they wear with that jersey? overall very cool.
  10. thanks to both of you for the twins ones. i had almost given up hope. that's more than enough wallpapers to satisfy us all. good work!
  11. personally i love the sand colored uniforms. i bought a pair of the pants from some dude off ebay for $22. i wear them to play softball in. they're pretty sweet, i think.
  12. the johan looks great. thanks, fella.
  13. perhaps a Twins Joe Mauer & Twins Johan Santana please?
  14. Forgot to mention that I added the buttons as well, for those who mentioned they wanted to see them sans-pullover style. And thanks for all the comments so far.
  15. Made some changes...Modified colors to the brighter shades of green & yellow. Made change to home whites as suggested. Added a second yellow jersey with the elephant logo. Added a black jersey as well.