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  1. i've gone threw the the thread more than once, an and dont see the google document that links the the fonts.
  2. thise are images, how do i get them so i can use them so they become font to use.
  3. white the colors wert grate i agree, but they were going with the so called ture colors of the shool i mean the real offical colors and that wht it was way long ago. i like the over all idea the design, it was used as the because they ran a contest herw in bloomnigton for new unforms at the time. that was the wiiner. i hate to see what else was submitted. the concept was fine and the look of a forward moving IU was fine with the state inlaed with the pant stripe was good, but the color was the issue. actully i know someone who played in them and told said two things about uniform after he was finshed of coruse and went on to coaching, was one and meitond, the reasons they went the shade of colors is the film stuff, that true, but while the over design was fine with the players, they didn't purckuliry like the shade of colors used. if they gone white numbers and more of the univerty uses now for the crimson they'd been fine.
  4. i just happan to catch it as closed them as he started his pitch. i was trying to get a spot where we all could see the differnt areas of the front of the jersey where it matterd and thats where it was. it is spooky. weather you guys play or not or have the pc version i hope you like the effert of the uniform.
  5. thre always room for differnt versions. in the thread you metion ther a link to one i actully did, while closer to his then this, its not close enough to be considered an exact. thisisnt even more to the old styl thet started with and really nice. somrhting i mike consider makng real if i have time and uniform space in the blue jays space for mvp2005 pc, which wy the one did to exist.
  6. i wasnt trying replacite yours exactly. i was doing one that a bit of the idea of yours but was taking into acoout the threds thoughts, and what i liked, and what i know i could do or couldnt do for the game, plus the materials i had to work with know how the will light in the game. its version keep at that in mine. one of the thnd i havet master yet that dfferers from yours is i cant pipe stripe in your concept that goes around the neck and down the front. i just did a version given what been in this thread. short of that piping i could do one exactly, if asked, in the futre, but for now this what went with. we'll see what feed back happans.
  7. here is a link to my lastest uniform mod for the mvp2005 pc game. if you play the game and like it play with it if you like, or leave feed back here or over there. even if you dont have the game there is a pic of a screenshots so you can see what it looks like.
  8. i just wanted everyone to know since there been rquest for some form of blue jays concept uniform, i just did one and uploaded it to the site as itll appear in the download for 2005 uniforms shortly. titile: mcbaseballmods concept jersey series v1 2005. if you like and would like to see a road version of thsis ask and i'll do it, or anything else if you like my work. the only uniforms i can not do are pinstriped uniforms and ones with the neck and going the down the front of the jersey piping. sorry. this located over at mvpmods and therea pic with it listed a screenshot. late look if you like.
  9. im a member of the mvpmods board, and yes we do have some grate modders over there. i've some uniforms my self are aviabile there, just do a search under download for mcbaseballmods and the first six are latest sets. my six div sets are for the pc. anyway i still havent found a way to post that pci i did of the concept jays jersey i ased to do, so if you would like to see that pm or something and i'll grt out there..
  10. i have a jersey mock of the blue jays concept uniforom if anyone wants a taste of what it could look like in mvp2005 for the pc. but not sure how to add that pic to a post.
  11. sure i can do a mockup. i'll do a base one that can be refind at later time if any does like them. ? is should i post a mockup here or over at mvpmods.
  12. these uniforms would be cool. maybe with the orginal numbers style and a touch of red. if you play mvp2005 and would like that uniform let me know i can probably do a resonable resentation of that uniform and post it and mvpmods board.