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  1. These don't even look real?to me. It just looks like someone to the normal jerseys and put them in photoshop, then desaturated it.
  2. 4 no ads on the front...keeping it clean. (btw, what is this "special paper," you speak of?)
  3. Well, obviously that first statement is up for debate. I always thought that the logo wasn't head on. To me, it looks like it's facing the right, a little bit down, and a little bit forward (lookin at you), and in no way looking directly head on. On the actual concept: It looks okay, but that blue bar that goes up a bit then to the right (next to the white line) makes it look like it's some sort of handle bar. Something to hold onto when riding a mechanical bull.
  4. OK ,so did you come up with that image or is this a know illusion? Came up with it all by myself. *Feels special*
  5. Are you saying that you would want to buy one of these?!?!?
  6. Am I the only one who knows the truth? Am I? Here's the real story: MLB stole this logo. Yes, it was stolen! From who? A poor association called the NBADL. (This association, is also known as the National people with Beards who are Alabamians who Drink Liquids.) Ah, but why would such a group create a logo that looks like batter and a ball? Well, the logo was stolen, then flipped upside down! If you look closely, you can clearly see that on the right there is a face with a beard about to drink out of a hamster bottle. Then once MLB released the logo is spread like the black plague. (Wow, that's a good simile.) Everyone knew about MLB, but the NBADL? No way! But this is America, and "with every crime, there is a law suit." Sure enough the NBADL took MLB to court. In the first day of the trial, it looked like the NBADL would win the trial, but then MLB's lawyer asked why the man would be drinking out of hamster bottle, but NBADL member shot back with a very convincing answer. He told him that all NBADLers drink out of hamster botttles because it was common knowledge that the cold metal would cause their beards to grow quicker than usual. The trial went on, and it looked like MLB would lose, but then at the last second Harmon Killebrew (who was born in Idaho) stepped in and took everyone in the courthouse hostage single handedly with a potato gun. Then he had all of the the NBADLers killed (Yes, all 19 of them. That's the the total number of career SB for Killebrew. A coincidence? I think not!) and paid everyone else not to tell anyone about this. But later that week one of the paid of jury members was showed the MLB logo by a friend. And he just started to repeat "Harmon Killebrew." His friend then thought that the MLB logo looked like Killebrew and he told all of his friends that that was who it was. Then the idea that it was Killebrew in the logo spread like Pokémon in the late 1990s. So the REAL story explains somethings. The many things being: 1. Harmon's nickname 2. Why everyone thinks it's Killebrew 3. When the potato gun was really invented
  7. Yeah, I'll stand up and cheer for something that "looks" like Faulks real jersey.
  8. Looks like a dress in that one picture... Heh. "Michael Leece, 12, proudly wears the new look jersey..."
  9. leafs13

    Milwaukee Bucks

    First thing that came to my mind: Bucks going Minnesota Wild style. I don't really like it that much because the eyes just stand out to much. I don't think of a buck as being a fierce or tough animal, and the redy eyes give me that impression. Maybe if the eyes were a different color it would look better. Also, I can't really figure out what other "edits that you made to the buck and the workmark.
  10. yes.... Illegal aliens..... good joke Wow, I have to say I'm surprised. Is this common for teams to sell out this early? I heard that the fans have to wait a long waiting list for tickets to Packer games on MNF once. But other that that, I don't really know.
  11. Dude. I believe you need to see an eye doctor. That is most definitely blue. It certainly is. Why is the only team to show up, the Anderson Packers?
  12. leafs13

    Rookie sig

    Photoshoped? It looks like a vector drawing to me. I guess it's photoshoped if you say so though. I think it looks great. Really nice work.
  13. Are there Raptors in Toronto?