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  1. thats the most mispellings ive ever had in one post.
  2. I wnat to make a cusyom helmet order, and I would like to make the helmet dar gray, like the bucs, is that pewter? what is it?
  3. i need to see it bigger and clearer.
  4. today's scavenger hunt is a bit different... today you will find band logos on cd covers 1. System of a Down, Mezmerize 2. Michael Jackson, Thriller 3. Green Day, Dookie 4. Rise Against, Siren Song of the Counter Culture 5. As I Lay Dying, Frail Words Collapse have fun.
  5. Knights, nuff said DirtyCurty i love your new avatar!
  6. i mean like what does the guy represent?
  7. iccomics

    sea seahawks

    i really like what the hawks wear now, this is still a good concept though. love the use of the fake )or is it official? alternate of the hawks, but it doesnt fit there.
  8. the worst... 1. a superhero? i like the old duck 2. a tree? what were they smokin'? 3. ohh...a power ranger.
  9. congrats we have a winner! anyone understand what the friars logo is about?
  10. heres the logos of the day: 1. Georgetown Raiders 2. San Diego Friars 3. Iowa Blizzard 4. Ottawa Braves 5. Seattle Sasquatch!