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  1. Version 2 with a new font....c&c please
  2. Marlins concept i came up with.....C&C please
  3. I started this Mets concept with great hopes, but i decided it wasnt worth continuing. Figured i'd post it here so you can see it and tell me what you think
  4. Rainbow colors with a new font......i like it...somehow i think you all wont....sorry the pic is so big, had to do it to show the detail.
  5. picklesque

    A movement...

    Well i disagree with this....clubs have gone back to old logos and such for new uniforms a lot. Im gonna keep doin what im doin, i have been trying to add more orginality to my designs, but im not stoppin
  6. these rock......excellent work
  7. top drawer.....very good
  8. must have gone over the page access rate......theyll be back up
  9. Some will like these....some will hate them. C&C please
  10. only one way to describe this.......god awful
  11. it's different..that;s for sure
  12. your light blue looks too teal.........
  13. ok.....i uploaded a new version with a desaturated light blue.....the 'powder blue' that is the PANTONE color doesnt look right to me on a computer screen. This looks truer to the color from those times...anyone agree or disagree????