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  1. I would have never noticed it if you didn't say anything, but the "R"/screaming raptor skull logo is awesome and pure genious! Maybe move the bones in just a little bit closer, but it's okay as is. Awesome!
  2. The way i see it, you got Pujols in the NL, and Mauer in the AL.
  3. Sorry if this was already brought up, but I thought they did the Hispanic nights in cities with Hispanic population that had interest in baseball. Now, Detroit may have Arabs, but I don't know if they even give a damn about baseball. Nice work, by the way. Great job!
  4. Z3R0SYST3M: Sorry, I failed to mention that more detailed logos do not turn out as well. If you want me to do a different logo I can do that too.
  5. Actually, I believe the Twins, Braves, and Yankees use that font too. And this set looks fantastic. Granted you didn't change much, but still awesome.
  6. UPDATE: I made the notification icon for these, I put the number of championships won, but it could really be anything. If you want one, I need to know: -plain or with notification icon -logo -background color -number on notification icon (if needed) I don't expect too many requests, so request as many as you want. I suppose they can be used in a sig too.
  7. Really? I'm working on an update, but I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads up Edit- his are pretty similar, but the shine effect is way different. What I'm working on will make these more unique.
  8. 1) 1stdowncreative- this is awesome. The "cuts" in the wordmark and numbers are a really cool way to remember the old 2) raysox- great update on a classic logo. The idea behind the logos etc. saved you from slipping IMO because half of the stuff is vectorized but half is still painty which looks strange 3) elliot- really cool update. The only major flaw I see is in the primary it reads "MTL" so I kept thinking in my head Montreal. And as a bruins fan, I dissaprove.
  9. I like this but there are two big things I don't like: - the beveled "A", and - the name of the team is Athletics, which elephants aren't. And I don't think that they're primary logo should be an elephant. I get that it's a cute little nickname from an old manager or whatever, but it belongs on a sleeve patch at the most.
  10. I lowered the opacity by 10% better?
  11. I was thinking of something that would work as an avatar. Thinking square, i remembered the little icons used on iPhones. They aren't the most creative thing, but I think they look pretty good. Here are some random examples. How can I improve? C 'n C please
  12. I noticed they had the "C" from the Brewers Spanish script sprinkled in lighter colored dirt on the back of the mound instead of the normal cap logo. What a nice touch. Any pics?
  13. ***Las Vegas Outlaws Update*** Changes: - extended the right side of the "V" on the logo - removed the "spike" from the pants - changed helmet decal to updated logo How does it look now? I may be working on a helmet like CAB suggested.
  14. Any idea when the entries will be up?