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  1. I don't know why they won't start selling Beckham yet...
  2. It looks like LAG has a third jersey with the blue swapped for the green. Maybe the blues don't match, but still. It seems like all the other bar colors are team colors (found in the uniform or the badge) or close enough.
  3. Looks too much like the Stars.... Also, you can't change the Gold Triangle to green, that's sacreligious, too!
  4. I find this one hard to believe...
  5. I am surprised no one has said this yet, but the team in LA will be called the Chargers. As far as expansion goes, I could envision Vegas (you wouldnt need a home fan base, all the home games would have rival fans flying in, ultimate guys weekend!) getting a team regardless of the gambling. San Antonio has shown it can support a team, and with a renovation to Alomo Dome, this could happen. With Chicago trying for the 2016 Olympics and Soldier Field not equipped for Track and Field or big enough for Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the city is floating the idea of a second team. If no team moves to LA, then You have LA. If a team does relocate to LA, you can look to the traditional college markets for an additional city. The reason most college markets are such is that there never was a pro team, so the "pro" team was the college team. It may take a long time to turn the markets attention to the pro team (like Atlanta) but with a succesful team (like in Nashville) it can happen a lot sooner. A four team expansion within the next 10 years is not that far out of the question.
  6. I hope you are being sarcastic. The Habs have 2 white jerseys. The classic one with the red shoulder, and the white one that is a mirror of the red jersey. from
  7. I would like to see a bigger fleur de lit on each side rather than two smaller ones on the front and back.
  8. Those are supposed to be triangles. Pittsburgh is known as the Golden Triangle.
  9. I went to school at the University of Rochester, and everytime I saw that logo, it made me want to puke.
  10. The will continuew building it into the 06 season and will open at about 75% capacity. Check out the Cards site, they have info on it.
  11. kris9er

    Need help

    You're not hosed. The youth hockey organization I played for used heat pressed numbers, and some years you could see where the old number had been on the jersey. Our organization was very good about getting you the number you wanted. The numbers left a "film" permanently on the material, but you you coulnd't really see it unless you were up close. So it CAN be done. How is another question. I would suggest going to a place that does custom jerseys to see if they can do it for you.
  12. kris9er


    I would reverse the grays on the face. Also, I would either close his mouth or make it so that the mouth isn't a straight profile, since the rest of the logo is not a straight profile, but angled just a bit. Since the head is angled down a bit, I would expect not see right through his open mouth but rather see the inside of the bottom ofhis mouth. Other than those little things, I think the logo is great!
  13. And I don't think the Panther's (yeah, I know, they don't play in the city limits of Miami, but for all intents and purposes...) will be changing either to teal and orange, so really, it's 2 of 4. But 2 of 2 that play in dolphins stsdium
  14. I believe you are wrong. The District does have a single Senator; he just does not get to vote. If Senators was good enough back in the day, it sure is good enough for today. They already hijacked the "W" might as well go the whole 9 yeards and get the name too.
  15. Spoon? What?! the spoon is in the e What is the spoon supposed to signify? The arrow I get - direction, motion, the kinds of things you want to be associated with moving your packages. But what's a spoon have to do with getting my mail where it needs to be? Im guessing that the spoon is a coincidence and completely unintentional, like many metaphors that your High School English teacher pointed out in novels.
  16. I already have the Sox one made by Twins Enterprise and am looking for the Cubs one; I've seen it in a TE version too. I would like to see a TC instead of the M for the Twins. BTW I like how LAAofA was fully spelled out. PS, there is only one team that can be simply called the Sox, and they don't share the Windy City the Cubbies, though they will own it this weekend when they visit The Cell.
  17. Not that I'm particularly a fan of the ball-and-glove either, but what does an interlocked NY have to do with being a "yankee"? Or a D with being a Tiger?
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    Ice Pilots Concept

    I like this a lot, but I think one small change is needed to the logo. The black planes just don't stand out enough against the black circle.
  19. kris9er

    USFL crossovers

    The Breakers remind me too much of those NYI's Morton Fisherman Unis from the 90's.
  20. I would try to make the antlers all go up. The second one you posted looks like a ram that is having a "bad horn day" for lack of a better term.
  21. I like the gold much better than the black that the team currently uses. Who wears a BLACK crown? Anyways, I would agree with adding piping, and possibly doing away with the white outline on the grays.
  22. I like the idea of Darks at home and Whites on the road. The NHL is NOT copying the NFL. Contrary to popular belief, the home team in the NFL has the option of wearing whichever uni they want, and most teams wear dark at home. The Dallas Coyboys are the most obvious example of a team that always wears white at home. Let us also consider that most soccer/football (the most popular sport in the world) teams wear dark at home, so I really don't think the NHL is wrong in going with darks at home. Also, I went to a New England boarding school, and in all sports, except baseball, teams wore dark at home and white on the road. I'm not sure how that started, but I'd be interested to know.