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  1. I had closely examined all of the photos through this entire process and was convinced I knew which jerseys I liked and which I didn't like. Until tonight that is. I'm watching the Rangers vs Devils game on TV and the horizontal lines on the rounded hem line look absolutely terrible on both team's jerseys. Throughout this entire jersey revolution I was convinced that the teams that stuck to the traditional look of horizontal striping on the bottom of their jerseys were the smart ones. Now that I'm seeing them in action on the ice, I'm thinking I was wrong. Now I understand why so many teams dropped the horizontal stripes. Bottom line - You can't judge a jersey by a photo. You must see it in action on the ice to truly know how it is going to look.
  2. I went to a fashion show and a hockey game broke out.
  3. I am a traditionalist, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Detroit, Rangers, Vancouver, San Jose and New Jersey all have simple traditional jersey designs that look great, mainly because they include COLOR. Toronto's isn't that bad on its own. I was simply noting how boring it would look on TV with their whites versus Dallas' blacks.
  4. North America goes to high definition and the Dallas Stars go to black and white? They really should have gone with green. I can't even imagine how boring the unis will look on TV when Toronto visits Dallas. It will look like a rec league game.
  5. That thing looks like an evening dress with a logo.
  6. True but hardly a scoop. John Davidson publicly stated they are vertical months ago. I guess, but if anyone has ever watched a Rangers game on MSG, they would know that JD is a dumbass. You've got to be kidding me. JD is well respected throughout the hockey world. If there were more "dumbasses" like JD, the NHL would be a lot better off.
  7. So the Stars now join the Canucks in thinking their fans don't know which city they are in? At least there won't be any confusion when Vancouver visits Dallas this season.
  8. Now THAT I like!!! They should have given you some of the $1,000,000 and gone with your version.
  9. That's great news, thanks for the info. I for one love that the Habs stay true to their heritage by using their official language on the sweaters. I wish everyone who thinks the Habs should change to English would watch "The Rocket" for historical perspective. It's the best hockey movie I've ever seen.
  10. Those things remind me of the skeleton costumes they used to use on the 3 Stooges episodes.
  11. Andy Strickland (1380 ESPN Radio and blogged that the Blues pants will have some sort of stripes on the front. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I can only picture (hope) he is talking about a horizontal stripe at the bottom of each leg. Anything else just wouldn't make sense. But then...