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  1. That's the best of the lot. Good job!
  2. The logo is much better. And I agree: PACERS should be with the state. We already have the state of Indiana there, so what we're seeing with the logo is "Indiana Indiana".
  3. My instinct says I don't like the center of the Pacers' court. I think I'm much more comfortable with a logo than just the word "PACERS" there. However, I love everything else.
  4. Well, try and see what you can do with the words "SAINTS" and "MINNESOTA" The halo and M would be good for a shoulder logo.
  5. Hmmm... how about a Braves one that says "WIN IT" on the top and "FOR BOBBY" on the bottom?
  6. Is there a reason for the Expos to have chocolate brown and that magenta-ish color?
  7. Is it too late to ask for some wallpaper of retro Pacers logos?
  8. The old style did look quite snappy, and this reflects it. Great work!
  9. You can easily change it. Copy the 6, and move it over the 7. I did it in paint, YOU CAN TOO *I coulda had a V8 facepalm* Right! I'll do that
  10. The Braves would be "EST. 1966". Change it and that'll be fine.
  11. Heh, that looks like it could be worn on one of those "futuristic uniform" days. Very nice!
  12. I agree about being them being a little dark, but hey, I like it.
  13. *thinks* Let's see... More Braves. Braves #1: #7 Francoeur, #16 McCann and #36 James Braves #2: #10 C. Jones, #25 A. Jones and #15 Hudson
  14. I added some basic names to it.