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  1. That's how it used to be, but look what's actually been happening over the last decade or so, especially in non-World Cup years. Out of the teams that you've mentioned, really only Italy and Croatia have held to that hard and fast. Germany's been in red and gray, Brazil in teal, Mexico in red, England in varying shades of blue, and France in light blue. I'm not saying I love the US in black, I'm just saying it's something that's been going on for years, even with teams that are regarded as having untouchable color schemes. The trend won't stop as long as people keep buying them up. Personally, as long as the manufacturers don't mess with the home kits too egregiously, I don't mind a little variation and experimentation with away kits, even if that means some of these kits don't sing to me... then again, I might be the only one who bought the anthracite US kit back in '09 and should not be trusted.
  2. My girlfriend ordered me my white whale, and it looks like it'll be arriving this week... I suppose I better put a ring on it.
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