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  1. Are there many instances where someone mistakes maroon for navy?
  2. Do any other regular season college football games have an advertising patch?
  3. It depends on which jersey they are wearing as to which element doesn't match. If they are wearing the blue jersey - stripes on the jersey and pants match but the helmet doesn't. If they are wearing the white jersey, stripes on the helmet and jersey match but the pants don't. Just pick one and make them all the same.
  4. Nike had to get a chance to put their spin on it one way or another.
  5. I was in a football thread and suddenly - baseball everywhere.
  6. So the buckeye leaves on the back really look that bad on the real jerseys?
  7. I don't understand the white border on the name and numbers, but not on the side stripes. If the side stripes would have matched the regular uniform - fine leave off the white. But to have it plain blue like the numbering and lettering - but leave off the white? That makes no sense. I'd prefer JPDesign's version or Shadojoker's version over this mess.
  8. Examples of teams not using a logo of their mascot on their uniforms - like no nuggets on a Nugget uniform. Let's see. Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Mavs, Knicks, 76ers, Magic, - just off the top of my head. Baseball - Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Angels, Mariners, Brewers, Dodgers, every team without a bird or animal mascot. NFL - Cowboys, Giants, Chiefs - again - these are just what pop in my head right away. And I don't follow Hockey - but I'm guessing there's a few examples there too.
  9. You know how they'll fix that? Slashes through them.
  10. how about a new color orange to make people think they need to buy new stuff.
  11. Didn't Nike already do the orange and multiple combos with Oklahoma State? They already had black to work with there as a school color and added gray to the mix.
  12. Equipment manager for OU recently tweeted about going over options for 2014 & some exciting things coming then. I've been hoping the Sooners would get a new template for awhile now. I've never liked the way they looked in the destroyers. Curious if we'll be seeing any alternates for the Sooners next year too as local media keeps putting out stories about whether any changes are needed.
  13. After seeing the Jags uniforms, I'm concerned that Adrian Peterson was jealous of the Jags uniform after he saw both new sets.
  14. Who's starting the Petition to get rid of that horrible helmet?