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  1. Excellent summary. Aside from the use of some black, I remain ok with the current Reds uniforms, but I would not characterize them as one of the game's best either.
  2. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. If I ever locate one of these, I will be sure to post it up.
  3. Does anyone know whether a Dirk Nowitzki German national team jersey has ever been made available for sale, and if so, where one could be found for sale today?
  4. I am generally a big supporter of all white, but Cincinnati's funky pants changes my stance. Barf.
  5. I hope that this does not open Pandora's Box when it comes to honoring people.
  6. I don't mind the gold jerseys per se, but the black pants are hideous.
  7. Any dark pant that lacks a stripe is a failure. The KSU experiment is ugly as sin.
  8. When the Reds changed their basic uniform set in 2007, they dumped the vests. I wish that they would have kept at least one vest as an alternate. This is not only because I have always loved the vested look, but also because the Reds were among the teams to really bring about the popularity of the vest both in the 1950s and again in the 1990s. My longing for the vests is made all the more torturous when I see so many other teams still cultivating the look. Alas.
  9. Baylor has enough problems in mens' sports on which to concentrate. They should leave the BU alone and work on resolving their myriad other issues. It aggravates me when a school president or AD makes changes like this. A few years down the road, he is long gone and the school's fans are left to live with his abomination until someone else finally gets around to fixing things.
  10. And I thought that "Los Rangers" night was stupid. I have no problem with a team having a promotion involving the Hispanic community, but can't they do better than merely adding the word "Los" to the jersey?
  11. Most people in Nebraska refer to the University as UNL, while NU is also acceptable. Outside the state, NU is popularly used.
  12. I agree. Teams wearing alts only on specific days might go a ways toward keeping them from wearing the alts so frequently as to make them the de fact primary uniforms.
  13. I fear powder blues making a full-fledged comeback. I recognize that I am in the minority, but I have always thought that they were ugly as sin. Back in the days when the powder blues were gradually being phased out by the various teams that wore them, I was doing cartwheels.
  14. It was a dark day about which I will tell my great-grandchildren many years from now.
  15. I say "Ugh" to a Mountain Dew sponsorship. The colors of Mountain Dew and the similar Mello Yellow cans have long made for some unattractive NASCAR paint schemes. Darrell Waltrip and Kyle Petty's old rides come to mind.