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  1. The M looks exactly like Michigan's M.
  2. Its University of Illinois, not Illinois University.
  3. Nebraska had the uniforms first. Barry Alvarez was a Nebraska alum and when he became coach at Wisconsin he changed their uniforms to copy Nebraska's due to them being his alma mater. It doesn't matter if U of W was in the Big Ten first, Nebraska wore these uniforms first and they were copied.
  4. Purple is the color of Royalty, so blue wouldn't make as much sense for a team called the Kings.
  5. DePaul Blue Demons now outfitted by Nike after formerly being outfitted by adidas. Anyone who has an image of the new uniforms, please upload.
  6. Yellow Face mask and gold MU without banner would be even better on helmet.
  7. These look good. It's a shame they switched to the checkered sides 1 season after DePaul did to honor Ray Meyer's memory. Could you do one for DePaul also (seeing as they had this concept first) but Royal Blue and Scarlet with Black as a third color?
  8. Marquette was Independent form 1916 through 1989 Midwestern Collegiate Conference (now Horizon League) 1989-1991 Great Midwest Conference 1991-1995 (Meged with Metro Conference to form Conference USA) Conference USA 1995-2005 Big East 2005-Present
  9. I want a DePaul one, but they don't make it.
  10. Thats strange, they have a branch of Wyotech in Davis, CA. I thought it was a school like U of Phoenix. Anyway, heres the logo from the school I go to, Sierra College. WyoTech is a proprietary for-profit technical college in Wyoming.
  11. DePaul has new black uniforms with white and black checkered sides.
  12. Those helmets are not Oregon! Where is the Green and Yellow?