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  1. I liked Oklahoma's uniform. Arizona Outlaws, on the other hand, was just a ripoff of the '84 Wranglers unis, with an added black jersey for good measure. God, I would've loved that Wranglers Red jersey had been used!
  2. Let's hear it for 'Slingin Sam, the drunken, anorexic gunslinger who couldn't hit a barn at 50 yards if he tried lol
  3. The uniform itself was all right, but the logo looked like a drunken cowboy who couldn't shoot straight if his life depended on it lol
  4. Your guess is as good as mine. I think Nike might have a little to do with it. That's why I've given up on the NFL. The AAF and XFL weren't too bad (I like the Orlando Apollos uniform set), but the quality of the identity designs in football are very substandard across the board. Baseball and Hockey have the best graphic designers at present, IMO
  5. I'm telling ya, their current logo looks like it's got a serious case of the mange lol. I've never seen a cat look so sick lol
  6. Oh, it got worse from there lol
  7. Give me the Bulls over the Tabby Cats with the mange any day!
  8. 'Slingers or Outlaws...……...which comes next? lol
  9. GODDAMN! I've forgotten how good these uniforms were! Why couldn't the NFL have taken the Bulls instead of Jaguars, whose logo now looks like it's got serious mange. GO BULLS!
  10. Sorry, but nothing beats the classic Jets helmets of 1965-77 and 1998-2018. The classic Jets logo on a green shell, I could learn to like. But the new logo...…..ICK! lol The Ravens helmet is another that needs to be reworked. I never got the fading stripes on the center of the helmet. The logo, on the other hand, is better than what they started with in 1996-97. It may need to be highlighted more since it's on a black shell. On the whole, there aren't that many bad helmets currently (the previous Titans helmet was another with the fading stripes). I wish they'd scrap that stupid one helmet rule so teams can do accurate throwback uniforms (fans have been clamoring for the return of Bucco Bruce in Tampa for years!) and it could give teams options for alternate unis.
  11. I should also mention the '75 Giants helmet. That disco-looking NY monogram...…..I'm not so sure. It didn't look natural.
  12. The Seahawks' helmets have always been very classy and nice looking. There have been very few NFL helmets that have been horrible (the current Jets helmet is HORRIBLE!). There have been some helmets that are head scratchers ('76 Bucs, anyone? lol), but there are some helmets from the USFL that would have been awesome in the NFL (Bulls, Breakers, Panthers [Michigan], Invaders, Wranglers to name a few). Let me throw a question out there. Which team would you rather see represent the NFL in Tampa: Buccaneers or Bandits?
  13. To my knowledge, yeah. In the USFL, both Jacksonville and Boston/New Orleans/Portland had wraparound logos on their helmets. Both are cool, but the Bulls beat out the Breakers by a hair. The NFL definitely could've learned a lesson from the USFL in that respect.
  14. I want to see the running of the Bulls lol