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  1. I would like to see the Evergreens uniform with brown socks and some brown stripes on the jersey. It would be like the trunk and some branches on an evergreen tree.
  2. I think they both kind of look like Stinky Pete the Prospector
  3. I read in our local paper today the UW Huskies will be wearing black at home today. They will also unveil a new logo with "menacing" eyes at the basketball game today. The logo will not replace the block W or the Husky Weasel logo that the university is phasing out. It will only be shown on the scoreboard/videotron. It will not be an official logo. Go Cougs.
  4. Not being a nuanced uniform observer do all Pro Combats not have tv numbers on the sleeve or shoulder?
  5. Summary of chat with league coo Here is a link to some uniform and branding things of the United Football League.
  6. I was disappointed when I turned on the game. I was definitely hoping to see two teams play not just a collection of players. At least I was hoping for the illusion of Peoria playing Phoenix. How hard is it for fans to look into a 25 cent program that lists players and their organization. Thank you for the responses.
  7. Several years ago while visiting my grandparents I went to an Arizona Fall League game. Each team had their own distinct uniforms. I turn on the baseball channel today to watch the AFL championship game. Each player was wearing the uniform of their major league team with a hat that was specific to their teams. Phoenix or Peoria. The home team wore whites and the visitors wore gray. For example, a player may be wearing a Peoria hat and a Rays road uniform. Does anyone know if this was just for the title game or is this an everyday thing in the league?
  8. kinznk

    The New USFL

    As I look at the Outlaws wordmark more the more I like the black and red. At first the black looked like a tipped mustache like an old gunslinger might have had but it also looks like a bandana. I really like it.
  9. kinznk

    The New USFL

    For the Wranglers first wordmark I found the black part of Wranglers remind of a mustache. I mean that in a good way. It looks like those old western photos where the mustache is tipped at the ends. I really like that wordmark. If you were trying to do that good job if not good job.
  10. I know this isn't the correct thread for my question but it pertains to Tennessee and black. I thought that about 15 years ago or so that they had always had plain orange letters on their white shirts. They have been outlined in black for some time. I thought that the outline was terrible as there are no other signs of black on the uni. I liked the plain orange and white. Was an NCAA rule instituted to make the numbers more visible? I want to say UCLA has been outlining their numbers with black for a while as well. Thanks.
  11. I saw the Ga Southern titles in 85 and 86. The 85 game against Furman was one of the most exciting games I ever saw. Tracy Ham was one of the most fun players I've ever seen.
  12. kinznk

    MFL Designs

    I hate to critique guys work as I have no skills but the arc of the cannons tertiary makes it look like a Darren Zack riseball and I think of a cannonball as a sort of up and down motion or dropping. I like the black cannonball though.
  13. Of course there's a bit of nostalgia involved when thinking about the uniforms we watched as kids, but for everyone to suggest that the current teams adopt these old and dated styles is absurd. Too many on this board hate change, automatically think that everything new and different is bad, and seem to long for the days when games had to end at 6:00 PM because lights hadn't been invented yet. It's one thing to "appreciate" an old uniform. It's another to want teams to revert to old, tired looks. I am the first to admit that I am not the uniform junkie like some of the folks on here. I don't catch the subtle nuances of the changes that are made. The one thing though about the older uniforms, especially the 70 and 80s is that they had some personality with the uniform. To me baseball uniforms of today are generally way too bland. The overuse of black and dark blue dulls everything up. I don't follow hockey much but I can't hardly tell who is who on a sportcenter highlight. I do like the general personality with football uniforms. They are not all good but they are a bit different between teams. While Nascar may be sponsors rather than teams it sure is a pretty looking event with all the colors. Signed, Ametuer uniform critic.
  14. I'm voting for the Cooperall concept. I thought and still think they look sharp.
  15. Out here in Seattle area John Clayton of ESPN has a local show as he lives out here. A couple of weeks ago while talking about Rex Grossman or some other qb he said something to the effect that it would be in his best interest to play in the UFL and get some games. It was said matter of factly like there was no doubt that the league would be playing in the upcoming season. Regardless of anyones thoughts of ESPN, John Clayton is pretty darn good and knowledgeable. I think the league will probably have a go.