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  1. Ok just gonna say this real quick I don't see how I'm ripping off the Canucks logo, people really need to stop having hard-ons for that logo since any logo with a hockey stick laying and facing a certain way is going to be unfairly compared to it. And as for the colors those are just the colors I choose because I like the way they look( trying to evoke a neon/electric feel) color choices should be pleasing to the eye and dont always have to be a history lesson. And I didnt steal my color scheme & jersey design from the Milwaukee Admirals you trolls.
  2. Ok tried adding a poll in another topic and somehow violated the Standard Operating Procedure *feh* of posting in the concept forum so here is the revised logo made to look more like a hockey stick(it's a subtle change but I think it looks better now). C&C Welcome Original Revised
  3. Yeah I'm not really worried about my concept being too similar to some third-rate Madden knockoff that I had to google to to even find out what you were talking about. I do appreciate everyone's feedback and I will be making changes based on your suggestions, probably going to post them here and set up a poll soon to see which ones you guys think work the best. Thanks again!
  4. Ok here is the revised version with silver added to the home jersey, I can honestly say I like this more than the original. The silver really gives the rest of the jerseys a nice theme and consistency, but I think the logo has to stay clean as possible so I couldnt add any silver in the form of highlights or outlines because it really would take away from the logo when placed on the jerseys, plus how many NHL logo have highlights most are simple with flat colors i.e. no adding of color to make depth. Hope you guys like them & I cant wait for your feedback!!! Logo Set Home Jersey (revised) Away Jersey Alternate Jersey
  5. Ok thanks guys I will be posting an updated version very soon and I do agree that something was "off" with the home jersey, I guess I just couldnt see what was right in front of me. Since I am sorta new to the forum I was hoping for some positive feedback and its easy to say thats just what I got. Thanks again and I will be getting that silver streak on the home jerseys.
  6. Hey guys I just wanted to get some feedback on this logo and jersey/sweater concept I made for the potential Phoenix Coyotes to Las Vegas franchise relocation, please C&C welcome. Thanks!!! Logo Set Home Jersey Away Jersey Alternate Jersey
  7. Is that font custom made or what??? Because if think I have seen it before or maybe something close to it
  8. Thanks for the feedback the castle is Fort Pitt and hopefully i'll be able to post some uni designs and repost the logo with them but not until after the Super Bowl HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!
  9. Here is my Pittsburgh Pipers revision/concept, for those who dont know the Pipers were chmapions in the old ABA and eventrually moved to Minnesota Any comments or suggestions please post them
  10. newest edition with the requested revisions
  11. ok made the revisions you asked for check it out
  12. Ok here 3 variations with different fonts hopefully one of these can seal the deal
  13. here is my logo design any comments or suggestions feel free to unload