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  1. Great choices for Indiana cuisine. If it's Indiana though, gotta add to that some type of corn - roasted corn on the cob or gourmet Indy popcorn
  2. High Schools - Best Fit and Sound: Speedway Sparkplugs - no one else comes close BCS Schools - Best Fit and Sound: California Golden Bears Arizona State Sun Devils Indiana Hoosiers Oklahoma Sooners Illinois Fighting Illini Purdue Boilermakers Wake Forest Demon Deacons Notre Dame Fightin' Irish Maryland Terrapins North Carolina Tar Heels Other NCAA - Best Fit and Sound: UNLV Runnin' Rebels Boise State Broncos Navy Midshipmen NBA - Best Fit and Sound New York Knicks Indiana Pacers Seattle Supersonics Portland Trailblazers Orlando Magic Boston Celtics Detroit Pistons NFL - Best Fit and Sound San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Dallas Cowboys MLB - Best Fit and Sound Florida Marlins Texas Rangers Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins Colorado Rockies Baltimore Orioles Washington Nationals Random - Worst Fit and Sound Tulsa Golden Hurricane Utah Jazz Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Lakers Charlotte Bobcats, now that "Bob" is gone Worst Ever Award IUPUI Jaguars - a school combined by two of the most original nicknames (Hoosiers and Boilermakers) comes up with Jaguars?? An animal that has never lived in Indiana and the nickname of a Colts division rival playing right down the street from Lucas Oil Stadium? What could they be? IUPUI Racers IUPUI Speed IUPUI Rivals IUPUI Boiler-Hoosiers IUPUI Boosiers ...and as Comic Book Guy would say, "I've wasted my life..."
  3. I remember a news report in Indy a while back where they asked the question of the NCAA why they never included any reference to the Indy 500 in their Final Four logo and they said they made the decision not to highlight one major sporting event by referencing another. I understand their logic, but the Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, and a few other legendary sporting events would transcend that thought, in my opinion. The Pacers and Colts are both named for not two, but THREE different pro sports - Colts for the Preakness, Pacers for Indiana Harness Racing and the Indy 500. Are there any other pro sports teams named for other sports their cities (or former cities) are famous for?
  4. I was in the Suns Team Store the other day and noticed the player t-shirts (logo on front, number and name simulating back of the jersey on back) had a different font for "SUNS" and the number on the back. Anyone know if some minor changes are in store?
  5. I agree. Maybe put a little black or grey shadow on the "Phoenix" too, and clean up the piping at the top. While we're talking Suns, I think they should have more orange in the home uni; possibly by making the "Suns" and the numbers orange with purple trim. What do you think?
  6. As I was reading this thread, I was thinking of posting essentially the same thing. As someone who lost a friend on 9/11, I feel like I might have a slight window into what being indirectly affected by random violence feels like... and I would be more in favor of people actually getting out there and doing something about this rather than showing "support". It's great that people recognize that a tragedy occurred, but it doesn't help anybody. Why are submachine guns still legal? Why are handguns still legal? Neither of these categories has any legitimate use other than killing humans. Take a look at this map of worldwide firearm homicides: We're pretty much the worst industrialized country in terms of gun violence. It's time to do something about that. Something more than wearing maroon and orange to work. I agree that we have a lot to do as a society to stop guns and gun violence. However, I'm not sure why you're pitting wearing VT logos and maroon and orange against getting out and doing something. Can't we do both? And how is the Ohio State spring football game going to stop gun violence? This is a great gesture to wear the "VT" and show support and solidarity among sports teams and universities. And I think it will indirectly have a positive impact on gun control. The more these stickers and colors appear at major sporting events, the more people talk about it and hopefully influence each other to stop violence.
  7. A guy with less than 20 posts in a year and a half dictating what should be discussed on a thread. Well, bud, according to your logic, as long as my future looks bright, filled with the opportunity to make hundreds of posts, then my limited success of the past shouldn't matter. You might say my 18 posts makes me the equivalent of the South Carolina Gamecocks football program. 19 and counting...
  8. Didn't a Clemson - South Carolina argument end in one guy shooting and killing the other not too long ago? Is this what this thread is coming to? This is like a Chiefs fan and a Giants fan arguing about who was the best 6th seed in the NFL Playoffs this year. Ya, Clemson and SC are sort of good, but neither one is really THAT good. On the uniform front, Clemson is the hands down winner. Clemson is also obviously the bigger and better football program, but SC did win this year so as long as SC fan sticks to the simple yet effective "WE WON," then Clemson fan can't really say much to that, can he? Now, if we're going to waste uniform talk space on a rivalry, can we at least talk about truly great rivalries, like Ohio State-Michigan, Texas-Texas A&M, Georgia-Florida, etc.?
  9. The Colts never wore silver pants in 1995, or any other year for that matter after they lost the grays in 1986. I loved the 1987 home look with the blue jerseys and the white pants with blue and gray stripes, and the blue and gray socks. With the gray facemask that look would be pretty good, but nothing comes close to the beauty of their current uniforms.
  10. For our purposes as fans (who generally despise corporate greed), I think the best names are the ones that either disguise the corporate sponsor, have a prominent household name, or their product has a logical connection to sports), so here are the best of all time: America West Arena Great Western Forum United Center Pro Player Stadium Great American Ballpark Pepsi Center Coors Field Miller Park Busch Stadium Second Tier: Philips Arena Ford Field Conseco Fieldhouse Pacific Bell Park Monster Park Bank One Ballpark (because all called it BOB) RCA Dome
  11. Great point. Although I think what the have right now is the best they've ever had, so they should keep that the same from here on out. What teams have truly not changed their uniform for decades? Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan (home only), any others? Ohio State was on the board until this year's change. USC, UCLA, Michigan, ND, Nebraska, Florida State, and Georgia come to mind as teams who have tweaked but who have stayed the same with color combos, most stripes, etc.
  12. The Pacers have worn a 1967 Throwback this year, a 1987 in 2005, a 1970 in 2004, and a 1973 in the mid-1990s. So four all-time, three in the past few years.
  13. They already won state. It was the following fall after the tragic day. Shoulda made that movie already...but they are a football power in Colorado. They contend every year and have won state at least twice in the past decade or so.
  14. The Pacers definitely wore those jerseys in their inaugural ABA season, but the funny thing is in the mailer sent out to potential Pacers ticket buyers, the shorts are different. They simply had the old "P" logo on each side with no blue panel. Also, the white stripe on the jerseys was not there, the stripe simply went blue/yellow/blue. I'm sure though that a few different jerseys may have been used in the first year of the low budget ABA. I was at the game Friday and they both looked great out there...I just wish they would research the warm ups and make them authentic, too, instead of making them all the same.
  15. Makes you appreciate Indiana and UCLA. Heck, even Stanford and Arizona are becoming classics despite their Nike-ness, just because they haven't changed them. Michigan has also done a pretty good job holding their ground (somewhat) with Nike. What do you all think about the American flag on the uni or helmet? Since we are apparently in the era of perpetual "war on terror", will the flag on the jersey lose its meaning by always being there? What diplomatic situation should warrant the flag on the jersey/helmet? (I don't remember this ever being done before Desert Storm)