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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, it's a fake because while Reebok made those silly "one color on one side, other color on back" jerseys, didn't they never make them in authentic style, which these claim to be? I thought they were simply a replica line.
  2. Sorry for such a topic, but I did some searching both here and on Google that came up short. Does anyone have any pictures they would like to share of the Nike Riflery/Pro Combat/whatever Uniforms' gloves? Particularly with the hands put together to form the image? If anyone could help that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well I've been pleasantly surprised about all these new kits so far! Very well done adidas and Nike!
  4. Hm...Never seen anything like that before!
  5. Not nessicarily true. I've seen it in both places, on and under the collar, on players.
  6. Honestly, they don't look as bad as I would have thought, but the story behind them is cool.
  7. ehhhh.......ugggggggh....
  8. Arsenal officially released their Away Kit 06/07 for resale.
  9. OH MY GOD. Picture from Newcastle's Intertoto Cup game today: Apperently, the Magpies want the most jerseys.
  10. We already have a thread for new footie kits.
  11. Arsenal keeper kit
  12. Kinda funny how in the Nike Valencia photo shoot there, none of them are wearing Nike boots. The players are wearing, in order from left to right, Puma, then three Adidas players.
  13. Well, maybe Arsenal do indeed get away kits contrary to what we thought...
  14. The Arsenal kit is class. I love it. And I wouldn't rule out red socks to be worn, sometimes they switch around their uniforms bar the jerseys in the season.
  15. Saints and Jets. Hate them both.
  16. Horrible. Ugh. They make my eyes bleed.
  17. Well now, 06/07 is set to be a good uniform season, really. I haven't seen very many uniforms that were bad yet!
  18. That's the detail on the Barca neck. Looks good, besides the part that it's Barca.
  19. I actually kind of like them.
  20. I see them. I think they're quite boring, aside from an interesting England-away-like hole pattern.