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  1. i personally love where its going however the circle around the "C" absolutely has to go
  2. thanks man peytonmanningrocks: here it is i'll pm it to you too redsfan and sacker 12 urs is coming tomorrow peace
  3. go ahead homie its totally cool ive been so busy its ridiculous im trying to do as many as humanly possible sekuloguy i pm'ed ur sigs to you like two days ago peytonmanningrocks: i'm on urs right now im sorry i'm taking so long ill have it soon but right now it looks good other than that sekuloguy u seem to have it down be my guest; everything after sacker12's request is all yours if you'd like
  4. could you do hofstra and quinnipiac and pm it to me? thanks
  5. NFL on FOX is a classic its definitely the best
  6. sideshowbob your order has arrived enjoy rvieth ur next tomorrow and ill do everyone elses as soon as possible but i should have a lot done tomorrow im doing them in order of request
  7. omg if they played @ grambling the place would go nuts they might as well stay there
  8. reds fan if youd like ill add a sixth team to make it even believe me itll look better
  9. wow i never realized how young some of you guys were
  10. wow im overwhelmed lol ill do all of you guys' sigs as soon as humanly possible ive got an insane summer reading list to do by wednesday but i should have all of them in the next day or two yo jbperry do you want a 6th team to make it even when i stack these? let me know cuz itll look better o and guinness... my dad's old lol... when he grew up in maine there were no patriots i like the patriots and im happy for their success and all but im not die-hard like i am for the giants
  11. love the ideas for all of them except the celtics as a fan, i'd have a hard time swallowing such a drastic change the black alt would be awesome to wear on sundays or something tho
  12. i got you dude i should have them by tonight if not tomorrow
  13. its mad easy anyone can do these the same way i used MS paint, too! i just took the logos and words from the team pages on cbssports.com, switched them around to make them "stackable" and added a black outline to them simple yet different sigs ill gladly do any team for anyone who wants them but they're very easy for you do-it-yourselfers